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Dog Speak - Christiane Blenski

Dog Speak by Christiane BlenskiThis is a fantastic book which I not only enjoyed reading, but which taught me a great deal. We all think we know our dogs really well, but this book proves that there is always more to learn.

Follows of this blog will remember the horrific attack by a Pit Bull which Rags endured a few years ago. Following the attack both Rags and I became very nervous of all other dogs that we didn't know, and it took a long time to re-build our confidence. I really wish I had this book then, as I know that we would both have recovered much quicker - in fact, perhaps I could have avoided the fight in the first place.

The pictures are brilliant and really back up the narrative so you can easily identify the dog communication in your own dog. It has also helped me assess other dogs quickly, and modify my behaviour which helps diffuse dodgie situations. I feel much more confident now that I am understanding what is going on and that I am doing the right thing - this has also transfered to Rags, who is also much more relaxed.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough - a must have for all dog owners.

Published by Veloce Publishing Ltd, www.veloce.co.uk, Book ISBN 978-1-845843-84-7 at £9.99



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