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19th May 2013 - Rags Mum here. I am finally able to update Rags blog having had to say goodbye to my beautiful boy.

Our last weekend was as good as we could have, including a long lie in on Saturday morning involving huge nose to nose cuddles in bed and a leisurely Sunday curled up on the sofa having substantial tummy tickles. Then on the Monday I managed to get Rags into the car and we went down to his favourite walk at Toadsmoor. Although it was only short, it was enough for Rags to scamper up the banks, find a stick and paddle in the ford before he got too tired. Scrummy food was the order of the whole weekend, and he enjoyed every last morsel, including a fair few treats.

Bowbridge vets were incredibly sensitive, and it was Shane - the vet who very first checked Rags out as a puppy, who came to see him on his last journey.

I miss him terribly - the flat seems very empty and I still talk to him constantly, although now he doesn't answer back or give me that quizzical look with tilted head that made me sure he understood every word. He really was the most gorgeous dog, and I am so glad I had him in my life for the last ten years.

7th May 2013 - Ragamuffin McInroy, aka Rags, aka Fluff Butt - roving dogblog reporter extraordinare, now handing you back to the studio. 4th April 2003 to 7th May 2013. RIP.

1st May 2013 - and so we reach the end of my tale it seems.

I had my cat scan last Friday and the results came back yesterday. Not a torn tendon after all but a nasty cancer with horrible tenrils which is in my armpit and spreading fast. The vet said he could do a biopsy and possibly amputate the leg, but there are no guarantees that it won't have spread. Because Mum knows my body so well, as she is always stroking me, she has already noticed a change to my chest area, so she knows in her heart that it is already too late to remove it successfully.

So pain relief while it can keep me comfortable and then I will be checking into that kennel in the sky. I am still bright eyed, alert and wagging my tail, and still have a good appetite at the moment, but my leg is painful to walk on and if Mum doesn't pick me up just right it can hurt to be carried. It won't be long now so we are making the most of the time we have left together. I know Mum won't let me suffer.


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