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Bitch of the Year - Andrew Dilger

Bitch of the Year by Andrew DilgerMy brother gave me this book for Christmas, and assured me that the title was not a sneaky way of sending me a message! When I finally got round to reading it I found that I really enjoyed it.

The tale is of a chap with a new woman in his life who decides to rescue an ex-racing champion greyhound. He also pops the questions and proceeds to organise most of the wedding himself, culminating in Dash being ring bearer on the big day.

Having come across several Greyhounds in my time, I could immediately identify with the traits Dash displays in the book - told with great humour. In fact the whole book is very well written, and flows along holding your interest. It is not overly sentimental or slushy, but an amusing story which would appeal to both men or women.

The other side of the tale shows a man organising a wedding - hilarious and rare! In fact this book reminded me of Marley and Me in the way it was written and the way it combined a story about a dog and it's owners and the way dogs weave themselves into our lives in subtle and not so subtle ways. This was a good read.

Published by Summersdale Publishing Ltd, www.summersdale.co.uk, Book ISBN 978-1-84953-118-4 at £7.99



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