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23rd January 2013 - We have been stuck on the hill forever now and Mum is begining to go stir crazy. She tried doing some knitting but made a bo-bo and then had to go trudging through the snow to visit Aunty Di to get it put right again - mardy mare doesn't even come close to describing her mood! Me, I am loving the snow.

19th January 2013 - So OK, I admit it, I have been making like a puppy in the snow. I just can't resist that fluffy stuff, it brings out the juvenile in me! Plus Mum has been snow bound, so no work for her and lots of walks for me - I love January.

13th January 2013 - Happy New Year everyone. I hope you had a lovely time and got lots of bones for Christmas. I love getting presents, and always know which ones are for me - if it smells meaty and edible it is definitely mine, even if it wasn't supposed to be, I assume ownership. It takes me a bit of time to get the wrapping paper off but that just adds to the fun.

We had a lovely visit to the family, which included a Boxing Day stroll along the beach with Daisy May. Only problem was the ice cold downpour and ferocious winds. I found a seagull which proved somewhat difficult to carry in all the wind - his wings kept flapping over my face and then I couldn't see where I was going.

It was quite nice to get back into the warm, and Daisy and I put our matching inside coats on to help us get dry. Mum, Tess and Uncle Simon also took measures to get warm, which included copius amounts of Port and a roaring fire.

All in all we had a lovely time - especially funny was getting Daisy May to trial the Dogs Apron, look at our product reviews to see what she thought!

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