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9th May 2011 - I have managed to rip my claw - again! It always seems to be the same one too - middle left front paw. Last time the dog doc had to remove it and did say that it was unlikely to grow back - but it did. I think perhaps it has a weakness now, so it breaks easily. Am feeling very sorry for myself.

14th May 2011 - I may be eight years old now, which makes me a bit middle-aged - but I can still be a great white hunter when required. Guess what I caught today! Mum was not sure whether to be cross that I got the rabbit or proud that I still have it in me. Of course she tried to make me leave it up the field but I wasn't having any of it - brought it all the way home with my tail high in the air and wagging like a flag - doing that little trot walk they do in the parade ring at Crufts. Gosh I am a good looking dog, even if I do say so myself!

21st May 2011 - Abandoned overnight! Call puppy line - Mum and Dad disappeared for a whole 'sleep' and left me with our neighbours! (Actually I had a fantastic time with Andy and Anne and their two boys - but don't tell Mum that). I have been making them both feel really guilty for leaving me to go off on a Stag and Hen weekend, but suspect that they were both so hungover on their return that they didn't really care too much. Brill weekend had by all.

27th May 2011 - Can you believe it - in the whole 8 odd years of my life Mum has only ever left me for 3 nights, and they have been very spread out. After recovering from the shock of my shameful abandonment last weekend, they only went and left me again - for two nights!

Aunty Katy and Uncle John got hitched, and the posh hotel didn't take dogs, so I was left behind - again! Luckily I got to stay with Aunty Jools, Uncle Rim and my bestest friend Winnie Woo-tang!


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