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7th April 2011 - Been enjoying the lovely sunshine - Mum always has meetings in the garden when it's nice, so I get to chill out on the flowerbeds while she waffles away.

I pinched Aunty Keren's drink, but then had a complete panic 'cos she told me it would turn me orange and that I'd been Tango'ed. Luckily I think she has been watching too much telly, 'cos I didn't go even slightly funny coloured - phew!

22nd April 2011 - Down in Chichester for the weekend and while Dad jet washed Aunty Tracey's patio, we went out for a lovely walk through the bluebells. The perfect start to a bank holiday weekend if you ask me.

When we got back, Mum and Tracey decided to have a 'business meeting' up the end of the garden. As you can see from the photographic evidence, a rather large quantity of Rose was drunk and not much was written down on the pad!! By the time Dad finished the patio the two girls were roaring drunk and hadn't made dinner! Whoops! I must confess that given the choice of working away with Dad or lazing about in the sun with Mum - well you can guess which option I took.

28th April 2011 - I am all of a fuddle because there is a little lady up our fields who is in season. The smell is driving me bananas, putting me off my food, making me mither at the gate constantly, and hearing "I'm just a lurve machine" in my head.

Instead of getting all excited about puppies though, Mum has given me a stern talking to. It appears that the little lady in question is only my daughter Milly! Definitely out of bounds! Just try telling my hormones that.


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