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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags - Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own DogBlog...

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20/07/09 -
My intimate knowledge of the interior of Cotswold pubs has substantially expanded after Aunty Lou came down to stay for the weekend! Normally we end up going for great long walks when she comes, but it piddled with rain all weekend so we had short bursts between pubs instead - I am so hard done by - call Puppyline!

13/07/09 -
For the first time in my 6 odd years I have had the dreaded grass seed problem which us cockers have a tendency to experience. This involved a trip to the doggy doc and being knocked out and operated on. Although Mum moved really quickly (she spotted it within 5 mins and had me at the vet within 1/2 hour), the seed moved quicker and did perforate my ear drum - but the nice lady vet assured us that this heals itself very quickly and I would be just fine. Of course Mum and Dad had a traumatic wait while I was there, and then tried very hard not to giggle at my unsteadiness - the next morning I tried to cock my leg and promptly fell over which induced a few sniggers. I have now made a full recovery and Mum is paranoid about grass seeds, so stops me every two minutes on each walk to check my ears. Luckily the season is nearly over and they will soon all go away, but until then we are being vigilant - suggest you cocker spaniel owners out there keep an eye out too - a traumatic and expensive problem which is better avoided at all costs.

07/07/09 -
A very soggy working cockerMy little adopted brother Ozzie has been learning all sorts of things from me, from rabbit chasing to ball work. Unfortunately he has also learnt that it is cooler to drink water from inside the cow trough than to just reach over the side - his Mum was not very impressed, but I think he's got the hang of it rather well!

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