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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags - Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own DogBlog...

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23/02/09 -
Cute Bishon Fraise puppyBeen away for a few days visiting Grandma and Daisy May. I prefer it when it's just Mum and I that go - as then I get to sit on the front seat in my harness and stick my nose out of the window. Dad's quite glad when he gets to escape visiting the In-Law too, so we were all happy chaps. Also Aunty Sally came over and brought her Bishon Fraise 6 week old puppies with her - Mum made far too much fuss of them for my liking.

16/02/09 -
We have been asked by another publisher to review a new doggie story that's out - One Dog at a Time by a chap called Pen Farthing. So Mum has decided to add a whole section for Doggy Book reviews (see the left hand navigation), and you can see what she thought of this one in there.

14/02/09 -
All these frosty nights are having quite an effect. I am sneaking up on the bed and snuggling in between Mum and Dad much earlier in the night than normal which is really toastie, but can be dangerous if Dad 'blows off' as I am generally very close to that end of things. Also, the local wildlife is not getting its nighttime hunting in, and we got to see a beautiful tawny owl up the field the other morning looking for a snack. I was very good and didn't chase it - but then up close they are pretty big birds, and I am a complete wuss!

10/02/09 -
Playing in the snowI have discovered that being a middle-aged dog does have its advantages. We have got a new friend who lives just down the road called Ozzie - a black 8 month old working cocker, who is very bouncy. His human Jess and her sister Georgina have been coming up the fields with us to play in the snow - ace fun. I have noticed however, that he gets these little snow balls all up his legs and on his tummy - attracted by the fluffiness of his coat. Now being a bit more mature, my coat is smoother, and thus I don't get the balls - result! It is not just me being egged on by a youngster either, Jess persuaded Mum to have a go on her snow board - which was rather embarrassing as Mum just screamed and plowed straight into the nearest bush. The photo is curtesy of Jess's Dad - he's a bit of a cracking photographer, but of course, with such a handsome model he can't really fail!

08/02/09 -
Loch Ness Monster hunting by RogueMy mate Rogue has got a bit confused - us working cockers are supposed to flush pheasants, not Loch Ness monsters. This is her at the Loch over Christmas, having what looks like a great time. I hope she didn't get her tail bitten by the monster - I got mine bitten once at Toadsmoor by a huge great fish - frightened the life out of me!

05/02/09 -
Magnolia coloured working cockerOK, this is very serious, I need a Kennel Club check doing. Why you may ask, would a handsome boy like me be questioning my pedigree - well I can tell you...my certificate has me down as Black and White. I can assure you, when stood next to all this puffy cold white stuff, I am most definitely MAGNOLIA!!

Loving the snow apart from the cold bottomNot only do I look grubby constantly - which actually is fairly normal for me, but usually it's mud - but I have also discovered that when you sit down, it is particularly cold on the ol' bottom! (As you can tell from my expression in the picture!!)

On a happier note, Mum has had an email from a musician in Canada who has written a song dedicated to his dog - and wanted us to review it. We both think it's really fab, and the lyrics are very poignant for any dog owner. You can hear 'Good Friend' by Pete Dowan at either iTunes or Amazon - it is definitely worth a few pennies to download it.

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