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29/10/08 -
Raggsie banner advertMy mate Mack is a daft nutter and has put this huge banner on his roof - which is great publicity as his house is right on the main road! Maybe he is thinking about the refurb so it can be the new Raggsie DogBlog head office! As his house is much nicer and bigger than ours, Mum is hoping this is the case, but I think she is wishful thinking!

21/10/08 -
A working cocker's lust for lifeI love sunny mornings with lots of dew - it makes all the smells really strong, and as official great white rabbit hunter, I need all the help I can get. I haven't managed to catch any more bunnies, but did have great fun at the weekend playing a new game - it's called pulling Mum over when she wears her new stupid 6 inch high shoes! I mean, how ridiculous is that - she can hardly take me up the fields in those - waste of money if you ask me. Dad thinks they'll look good with fishnets though so he refused to throw them away when she wasn't looking - who's side is he on anyway!

16/10/08 -
This week I have mostly been catching rabbits... yep, you heard right, I actually caught a rabbit! Well, to be really honest, I was bouncing around the field pretending I knew what I was doing, and sort of landed on this fluffy thing that was hiding in a tuft of grass. I don't know who was more surprised, me or the rabbit, but I certainly recovered quickest and was able to catch him. Mum didn't know whether to be really proud that I had caught it, or gutted that it was now dead - life is full of contradictions when you own a working cocker! I proudly carried it home, tail in the air waving like a banner and my special trot type walk, which definitely had a bit of swagger to it. Unfortunately Mum didn't have her camera, and by the time we got home, the rabbit was looking a bit too bedraggled to be photographed really. Guess what I've got for tea tonight!

09/10/08 -
A seaside view perfect for cockersDad booked us a surprise holiday last week to The Sandy Cove Hotel in Coombe Martin, North Devon. We have been before and I loved it - fantastic doggie bags from the restaurant and some great walks. I spent ages watching the sea and all the birds from our hotel room window.

The only thing I struggled with was the beach, I don't know if it is just me or whether its a working cocker trait, but I like to back up to bushes, tree stumps or even tufts of grass to do my no.2's - it's a privacy thing. Trouble with the beach is that there is a lack of anything 'back-up-able' and the nearest thing I could find was this rather slimey green stuff which frankly smelt a bit too fishy for my taste! Still, it was a small price to pay for two days of fun and frolics, and we are now all very relaxed and rested.

01/10/08 -
A Rather Striking Working Cocker badgeI had a great email from Terry the mini schnauzer about this petition they have going about compulsary microchipping of dogs for our protection. I think this is a fab idea and would urge all our fans out there to click on the logo and sign the petition. I was terribly brave when I had my chip put in - unlike the great big Alsation who went before me and who howled like a great big hairy fairy.

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