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Name: Ragamuffin (Rags)

Breed: Cocker Spaniel (Working Cocker)

Owner: Mrs L McInroy / Breeder: Miss V Jolly

Registered Name: Peppermint Spot

Date of Birth: 04/04/2003

Parents: (For a full Pedigree click here.)

  • Sire: Bellsmill Dill

  • Dam: Faith of Furrowdale

Proven: Well - has sired two litters, but subsequently turned his nose up or failed to handle nervous virgins... pretty much retired unless the bitch has some previous experience...he is not a sexually aggressive dog and if the bitch yelps then he backs right off (what a gent!) - but if they succeed in mating this means really lovely tempered pups.

He's a very energetic dog who loves games and playing and having fun in general. You can see some of his pups here, they are the quintessence of cute - but will also grow into strong, healthy and beautifully natured dogs. If you know anything about Working Cockers, they are a great breed. They have a keen intelligence, which you can associate with being a working dog.


We have mated Rags twice and both times the puppies have been excellent, healthy pups. Each time Chelsea (His mate) had 4 puppies, all of which have followed Rags in colouring (she is a Blue Roan).

Price and terms for Stud upon application.

If you have a beautiful Working Cocker Bitch who is looking for love, then Rags would love to hear from you (virgins need not apply - see above comments!!)


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