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29/09/08 -
A Rather Striking Working Cocker badgeWe ventured out at the weekend, and the boys at the pub had made a special badge, and were all wearing it when we went in - silly buggers! Must admit that Mum was quite impressed with the design of it!

We have had some fantastic messages, and found lots of new friends - so for everyone who sent us such lovely comments to either the guestbook or direct - thank you very much. We have thoroughly enjoyed our 15 minutes of fame and are pleased that people out there are enjoying reading about my daft antics.

25/09/08 -
ITV West - spaniel dogblog storyFor all of you who don't get the ITV West, if you click on the ITV logo it takes you straight to the link so you can watch us on the telly. Things progress at a bounding pace. I have been asked to do the Saturday Comment for this weeks Citizen, although I have no idea what I shall spout about yet. Plus an agency has contacted us and asked if we want them to approach other publications with our Blog story - so who knows, we may be in more - although Mum says she draws the line at PlayBoy, unless I do the photo shoot without her - after all, I'm quite happy to pose without my collar and flash my dangly bits at anyone or everyone - I do it regularly!

24/09/08 - a bit later -
Working Cocker interview with Ken Goodwin of ITV WestThis filming lark is great!Oh my God, today has just got even more exciting - we currently have ITV West in our dining room! They are moaning about the lack of chocci bickies, but don't fancy one of mine instead - can't imagine why, I even offered them my special Gravy Bones!

We have also had BBC Radio Gloucestershire on the telephone interviewing us - look out Lassie, your position as the most famous dog are now numbered. Next up is Hollywood - and as I am far better looking than all those pampered Pugs, I reckon that we are going to kick some serious backside.

24/09/08 -
Today is D-Day, so we have to go up the shop and buy about 20 copies of the Citizen - Mum has promised the family and everyone else who lives elsewhere to send them a copy of my article! I hope the picture of Mum is not too bad or else she'll be moaning all week - I am quietly confident that I shall look gorgeous as usual!!

Plus Dad has been his usual eagle-eared self and found that there is a song in the top 40 about me...well he thinks that the words are "Raggie - Raggie Roo", although when Mum listened to it she pointed out that as it was called 'Beggin' there may have been a misunderstanding - it's by Madcon by the way, let me know what you think.

18/09/08 -
After a long discussion with my Agent, I have decided to condescend to update my blog....only joking! But I am going to be famous...the local papers have interviewed us and taken pictures, so we are very excited. Of course I made it as awkward as possible for the photographer, especially as I am used to Mum being behind the lens and not in front of it with me - not sure I like sharing the limelight!!

09/09/08 -
I have never seen the humans so excited - we have been asked by the publisher of A Dogs Life by Martin Clunes to review the book on our Blog. So while you lot all have to wait another 2 weeks before you get your paws on it - we've read it already! We feel that this momentous task requires more than just our normal entry, so if you want to read our review - click on the link on the left. For you lazy ones - in summary, the book's excellent .. funny, intelligent, informative and there are some great pictures of Mary - who is a very foxy looking chick! It's nearly as good as my book, although I must confess that Mr Clunes is obviously more dedicated, as he wrote 340 pages, and Mum & I only managed 40.

04/09/08 -
A sulking working cockerI am sulking this morning because after our lovely long walk through the cow fields and up to the woods, Mum decided that I had a bit of a whiff about me, and way too much mud - so she got the dreaded hose out. Then she wouldn't let me get up on the back of her chair while she's working because I was soggy and she didn't want a damp bottom. Well I showed her ... now her new curtains smell of cow pooh and are all wet along the bottom! Ha!

By the way - last month we had over 1,000 visitors to the dogblog .. guess Mum isn't the only nutty human out there after all.

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