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29/05/08 -
I am very excited, because I have another potential lurvveee called Millie who may want to have my puppies. She sounds great - golden - am a bit partial to blondes - and wants to keep in touch. Absolutely fine by me sweetie!! Do send a picture so I can drool all over Mums computer. x

28/05/08 -
Give the dog a boneHello Andrew and Alf - the RAG instigators. It looks like you could have a new member too - see the guestbook! There can't be many spaniels with their very own fan club of 3!

I have another first to add - Mum has entered a couple of pictures of me in the Digital Photography Magazine 'Photographer of the Year 2008' competition, under the Animals category - not that she's got a hope in hell of winning it despite the quality of the subject matter, as they needed to know all sorts of technical stuff that proper photographers do, like aperture used, and of course Mum just points and shoots like a typical girl. Still - the more votes the better, and we have one vote already! This is one of the pictures she submitted, 'cos she thinks it just sums up pure bliss of a bone nature. We appear in the Readers Choice on about page 14, but more votes will bump us up the list. Time to mobilise the troops!

27/05/08 -
I've got a secret club! Check out the visitors book and you see 2 entries from the R.A.S - aka Rags Appreciation Society! Now initially Mum thought this was Dad masquerading in order to nag her about updating the site. At the same time Dad thought this was Mum - doh! They have now asked around all the likely candidates to no avail - so somewhere out there is a Fan Club!! Mind you, they should have called it the Rags Appreciation Group 'cos then the acronym would have been R.A.G - but only a cocker of my brilliance would have thought of that!

22/05/08 -
Working cocker on new Divan bedWe have been spectacularly rubbish this month at keeping you chaps informed of our adventures, (as pointed out by the Society on the guestbook!!) but I have had a very very important mission on and just didn't have time for anything else! The humans decided to do a touch of decorating, and as they are both complete amateurs I have had to keep a close watchful eye on their cutting in to ensure that they did a good job. It was supposed to just be the dining room, but then Mum bought a new bed and so they ended up doing the bedroom too.

I have been slightly perplexed by this new item of furniture, as my usual route to my bedtime cushion is via the underneath of the cast iron gothic framed double bed (£150 to anyone who wants to come get it by the way!!), then come about 4am I jump onto their bed for snuggles. This new bed is a Divan, so I kept bashing my nose every time I tried to go my usual route - ouch! Having sussed out to go around I then had to overcome the second disadvantage - namely the fact that the new bed is a fair bit higher. Having slid back off again during my first few attempts I have now gauged the height better and can leap up. It has all been rather traumatic and from what Dad's been moaning about, expensive too - but it does look lovely now, and at least all the furniture is back where it should be instead of piled up in the hall like a doggy adventure playground!

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