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29/03/08 -
So I have been in the wars this month - after recovering from the bad tum I then managed to get something in my paw which proceeded to swell up to twice it's normal size and then burst. Of course I made sure that I timed it so that Mummy had to visit the vet on the bank holiday - if I have to suffer, then so can she! Still, it's pretty much healed up now so I'm allowed to go on the Sunday morning romp with Daddy this weekend.

Sparkly gnashed cockerTo get her own back Mummy decided that my teeth were looking a bit grubby. As she has just invested a small fortune in an electric toothbrush, she decided that I should benefit too. Boy did I jump when she first turned it on, and it made my mouth go all fizzy. Actually though it wasn't bad - and I now have sparkly gnashers

06/03/08 -
In true cocker spaniel style I have been munching on unmentionables up the field and given myself a tummy ache. I got Mummy up 3 times in the night - so she's a bit grumpy today - and even though she cooked me some pasta for breakfast to keep it light on my tum I am not interested in food. My tummy is making the most amazing gurgling noises and I am feeling rather sorry for myself. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow as we are off to Grandma's for the weekend and I'll need my strength to battle the devil dog Daisy-May.

04/03/08 -
We've just returned from our annual holidays with Uncle Alex and Aunty Tracey to celebrate Mummys 40th birthday, so she is now officially old - and after walking over 20 miles around the Lakes, she certainly looks her age!! We found a real cracker of a hotel which takes dogs, the Fayrer Garden Hotel in Bowness. The bed was so huge you could fit Daddy, Mummy and me - of course I had to keep testing it out just to be sure, and very comfy it was too. Not only did they have a huge fenced in garden for me to hare about in, but they also provided a doggy bag every night after dinner which consisted of a large sandwich box full of venison, guinea fowl, lamb and beef.

Our bed at Fayrer Garden Hotel Lake Windermere A peering working cocker Wass Water in the rain

We went on lots of walks around the place, up to Windermere village and round the lake, over the other side of the lake to Beatrix Potter country and all around Wordsworths place in Grasmere. We did get soaked one day, as the weather was pretty pooh, but on the whole we did just fine. One afternoon we went for a drive over Wrynos Pass and Headknott Pass - a 1 in 3 which was very steep and winding - Mummy was absolutely pooping herself as she doesn't much like heights... I just kept my eyes closed.

Grasmere walkies Wonderful waterfall at Grasmere A working cocker spaniel explorer A working cocker sized bridge

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