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16/06/08 -
I have been reminding Mum that I am a working cocker this weekend - I mean, she knows I am, but I just needed to throw in some of those character traits just as a reminder, if you know what I mean! We went up the fields on Saturday and I had my ball. After a quick disappear into the trees I replaced the ball with a big fat (and rather dead) chicken, which I duly delivered to Mums feet. After a bit of a battle I left it there and we continued on our walk while Mum tried to encourage me to go 'find the ball' - which I ignored, but did find the chicken again on the way back - again delivered lovingly. After she threw it into a tree, we then went home and Mum told Dad that I had lost my ball. Next walk, and Dad says, don't worry we'll find the ball - hee hee - did find ball, but also found chicken again - Dad threw it into a higher tree. Next day, feeling cocky because she thought it was safe, we headed up the fields again, and yep, you guessed it, I found chicken again! Foxes must have managed to get it down from the tree or something. Of course by this time it was a bit bedraggled and smelly, but I still did my duty and brought it to her as a pressie. Needless to say, we had roast pork for Sunday lunch because Mum didn't fancy chicken!

03/06/08 -
Millie the sexy working cockerCheck out my superb drool picture - this is Millie who wrote to us last week - what a stunner. Mum reckons she's going to have to start censoring my communications - all these pictures of my ladies is a bit like doggie porn! Still, with the weather like it is, every walk up the field is a little like a cold shower, so I am managing to contain myself.

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