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31/07/08 -
My favourite toy is my ball on a string, which I carry around the field and occasionally give to Mum to throw for me. Today, with ball in mouth and string loop dangling, I managed to put my paw through it. Every time I moved my head up, my foot came up too - very confusing. In the end, despite me supposedly being a rather brainy dog, Mum had to come and rescue me from the ball. Mind you, it would have been much quicker if she hadn't been laughing so hard.

27/07/08 -
Had a great afternoon yesterday romping around the woods with Winnie-Woo-Tang - I am definitely a bit in love with her, even though she is rather scary, and I show off something rotten whenever she is there. Every now and again she bashes me over the head with her paw to put me in my place, and does that sexy growl just so I know she loves me really.

24/07/08 -
working cocker spaniel puppyDad is in shock and may have to be committed...apparently Mum had a meeting the other day with a nice lady called Sue. She was telling Dad about the meeting and said that Sue was the same height, dark short hair, glasses, self employed and owned a working cocker... just like Mum!! Dad just can't believe there may be more than one like Mum and has started having palpitations!

hamish the working cockerAttached is a couple of pictures of Sue's lovely boy, Hamish - including one as a really cute puppy..ahh! (Not as gorgeous as me of course, but pretty handsome all the same!)

Also, the founder member of RAG - the Rags Appreciation Group, purchased a copy of my book and he really liked it - so I shall have to arrange a proper book launch signing or something...would a muddy paw print suffice do you think? Mind you, all the proceeds are going to end up going to the vet probably as Mum has found a funny spot like lump right on my danglie toilet bits. At the moment she is just pinning me to the floor every half hour and rubbing Aloe Gelly all over it to see if that works - it's probably just a midgie bite - after all, she has about four of those on her legs and they come up like a lump on her too. In fairness, she puts the Aloe on her lumps at the same time, so I don't feel quite such a wuss. Hopefully it will disappear by next week and a trip to the vet can be averted.

16/07/08 -
We've had a really busy month this month, with Mummy frantically prospecting to ward off the recession. After all, if she has to get a proper job then who will look after me!

I also have a confession to make which loses me all my street cred - I actually got duffed up by a Visler 10 month old puppy the other day. The blinking thing was already bigger than me and he had me by the back of my neck! I used the excuse that I couldn't fight back with a baby, but really I was everso glad when Mum whacked him on the bum and got him to release me! If he is that aggressive at that age then god knows how scary he'll be when full grown! I beat a hasty retreat up the bank.

Other news so far this month - well we have been watching the new programme about police dogs - and I reckon I missed my vocation as a top sniffer dog. After all, I can smell a treat at 60 paces and my tail wags just as fast as theirs do. Seeing as I have a tendency to catch the pheasants rather than just flush them, my days as top beater are numbered, so perhaps we need a re-train. Mind you, maybe I'll end up eating the drugs rather than just finding them, and Mum says I'm crazy enough without any assistance!

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