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15/01/08 -
Having spent all day yesterday trawling through the internet looking for 'dog lumps', Mummy finally gave in and booked a trip to the vets today. She did find one site which talked about thorns going in and getting infected, and that Silicea is a good homepathic remedy for drawing such things out again - so yesterday we hit the health shops and I duly swallowed a little white pill - but no change in the lump this morning. Anyway Uncle Shane my dog doc took a look and then stuck a bloomin' great needle into it and drew out a load of blood - apparently I have a hematoma, which is basically a blood blister where I banged myself and it flaired up. Some botics later and I feel right as rain - although the lump will likely be there for a few more days. Mummy was very relieved and forty quid poorer - who needs a new DVD player anyway, they can sit and tickle me all evening instead!!

14/01/08 -
I've got a big golf ball sized lump on my leg. It just appeared yesterday after my walk and is squishy to the touch. It isn't hurting me at all, and in fact I'm not in the least bothered, but Mummy and Daddy keep giving each other worried looks, and discussing whether they are being a little over zealous if they rush me to the vet. Every time I go for a long walk with Winnie Woo-Tang I end up injured - I think perhaps I try to show off too much in front of her - she is the object of my unrequited love after all. First I ripped off a claw, then I sprained my leg and limped about for 3 days, and now I have a lump. Perhaps I should avoid her for a while! Any suggestions on what it could be? Should we bite the bullet and go see Uncle Shane the dog doc?

09/01/08 -
A very good smellThere is definitely something up the fields behind our house which is smelling good - as in 'in heat' kind of good. Mummy isn't sure if it is someone walking that way with a bitch or whether it is a fox. I have my nose firmly to the ground on every walk, trying to locate the source, and then am mithering like crazy the minute we get home again. It is driving Daddy mad because I won't stop wingeing - he even threatened to cut my bits off the other night!

02/01/08 -
Flushing working cockerI am starting the year sulking big time. Daddy had promised me some rough shooting yesterday morning with Uncle Burnsie - but as it turned out, Uncle Burnsie got lathered the night before and couldn't face all the bangs - so it was called off! What a wus! I am definitely not speaking to him! We went a few weeks ago and I had a great time flushing pheasants and rabbits - not that either of them managed to actually shoot anything, but that was partly because Daddy wouldn't let Burnsie shoot anything lower than 20ft in the air in case he shot me - so the rabbits were quite safe really! Then we had another day planned but I managed to pull a muscle in my back leg - so was having to rest up. Daddy went with another friend who has a dog, but they returned early because the Labrador was a rubbish flusher and so they had nothing to aim at. It's nice to be indispensible!!

I have had a message from my buddy Rogue - happy New Year mate and I hope you enjoy your holiday with your dad. It sounds as if we had an identical Christmas - I had to lie on my back because my tummy was so stuffed with turkey too!

01/01/08 -
Happy New Year everyone!

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