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28/02/08 -
Office dog? No a  working cockerWell we have had quite a month of it here - and due to the hosting company having a fanny-flop-drawers, we were unable to upload any new entries for quite a while. So this is going to be a mamouth entry to make up for it! Mummy had the man-flu so I had to do my Florence Nightingdog bit for a week and give her extra cuddles - it's a tough job but someone has to do it! Then as a treat she bought a new chair for the office, which is great because it's bigger and enables me to sit behind her and she gets more than 2" left to perch her large bottom on - result!

Rogue the lovely working cocker friendI've had some great emails from various friends - old and new - and one rescued cocker called Sam has been telling me all about how she helps her Mummy who has MS - what a fab dog...well done you! Check out the visitors book to hear all about her. I must admit that my Mum won't even try to bicycle with me, as I have a tendency to cross in front of the front tyre - so I would be useless walking beside an electric chair. I have also heard from Rogue, who is looking particularly gorgeous after a Valentines haircut - check out the pic! Coco the gorgeous working cocker

Another new friend is Coco, a real cutie who was rescued by a lovely lady called Alison. It sounds like she has landed on her feet, as my Mum has been giving Alison ideas about what to feed her, and I must admit to being the best fed working cocker in the world - fresh turkey, rabbit, venison and fish to name but a few. I think Coco is going to be a very happy puppy.

Right, that will have to do for now as we need to go and sort out our packing - off on holiday to Lake Windermere tomorrow - yippee!!! Mummy is the big 40 and as is our tradition, that means a long weekend away with Uncle Alex and Aunty Tracey, and me too of course. After they all took the micky out of Mum for taking up knitting last time we went away, Mum is now determined to finish the cardi she started (nearly a year ago) in time to wear over the weekend. The lengths she will go to just to say "Na -na-ne-nar-nar" - humans, who'd have 'em?

05/02/08 -
Snugglie working cockerDid I mention that I got a new bed? Mummy re-decorated the lounge and my old one no longer colour co-ordinated so it had to go - how sad is that!! Anyway I'm not complaining because I got this super dooper suede and sheepskin job which is really snugglie and big enough to fit me and all my toys inside.

Trouble is that Daddy has taken to snoozing in there with me on a Saturday night, and no disrespect but he takes up way too much room and I get squished. Mummy isn't too impressed with the arrangement either as she says she ends up getting snoring in stereo. Even Fluffy, my little furry pal, ends up splatted against the skirting boards! We did have a cracking picture of this, but Daddy doesn't want anyone to see the evidence..

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