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27/08/08 -
A digger cockerIt was definitely a working weekend for the bank holiday - Mum was in a fannyflopdrawers about the garden, and in particular a certain bushy corner which was not only full of bind weed, but also had a stump which had decided to grow rather than conveniently die... the trouble was that there was no way for Mum to reach the stump with anything as it was tucked away under the other bush in the corner facing the road (with it's 6ft drop the other side). After much swearing, Wot a rootMum got the ladder on the road and hung over the wall - I got under the bush and where she pointed I dug. An hour later and we had managed to dig the whole root up! I was knackered and Mum was so impressed she rushed up to the pub to tell everyone what a fantastic gardener I am. She would never have got it out without me, and if left to grow it would have pushed the wall over, so I have got a zillion brownie points!

18/08/08 -
We have been contacted by a nice lady who runs a site called - this is a site which gathers all the homeless dogs from all the charities from all over the country, and features them all in one place. Really great idea and one which has meant that lots of homeless dogs are now happily ensconced in lovely new pads with new families to fuss and love them. Anyway, we have added a new page to this site called 'adopt a dog' and this links directly to this new site and will be updated regularly. So if you are looking to rescue a dog, check this out.

14/08/08 -
A burr or twoWell my hot date on Saturday morning ended in me being knackered and Millie still a virgin. It wasn't through want of trying, but I have only done it a few times, so not the most experienced - and Millie was very small, so I couldn't quite find the right place, and when I did she was a little startled and yelped - so of course, being a gent, I'd then stop. Mum has decided that I must be particularly well endowed, which is why all these virgins yelp when I try to get things going with them...she is convinced I'm the stallion of the working cocker world! On this basis she is retiring me from studding unless the girl involved is a bit older and has already had a litter. She really does spoil my fun sometimes!!

Mum and Julia were gutted - both had their hearts set on Raggsie/Millie pups, but it just wasn't meant to be. Julia found another stud dog and apparently poor ol' Millie was screaming for 10 minutes, and her back legs collapsed so she was dangling her whole body weight off his 'bits' - when I read this, I was quite glad I hadn't managed things - I think I'd have been a bit sore, and Mum would have had shredded nerves! We will keep in touch though - as the humans got on really well, and at least Millie and I can go for long walks together and have a flirt without any painful episodes.

Rogue has been in touch too and has rightfully pointed out that there are no other Rogues out there either - so another unique name.

06/08/08 -
My older lady cocker penpalI am having a very exciting week - first I have two new pen pals who have sent me pictures. I think that it is incredible just how much like me the new lady Millie looks (she's the black and white one), and Winne who is obviously a sharp cookie, having managed to catch one of those pesky squirrels. Mind you I am getting very confused with all these ladies with the same name. For example, Millie above is not the same Millie that is coming up on Saturday for a bit of puppy love - although she looks a lot like me too. And my mate Winnie-Woo-Tang, who came for a long walk in the rain with me yesterday, is not the same as new Winnie below. Then we know 3 ladies all Working cocker in actioncalled Poppy, and from there my brain just explodes really...I suspect that some names just suit working cockers, although I've never come across another Rags.

I have also had lots of fuss from my Uncle Simon who came to stay last night, (Mum has a massive hangover today after they all sat up late chatting and swigging back the wine - I have no sympathy!!)

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