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28/04/08 -
Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth!We had visitors this weekend, Mum's niece Vicky and her mate Dwane. They have been discussing getting a dog but been unable to decide which breed to go for. Vicky wanted a Dalmation, Dwane a Labrador, No.1 daughter wants a Chihuahua and No.1 son a Pug - so absolutely no agreement going on whatsoever. Anyway, in true working cocker style I had the pair of them eating out of my hand within minutes bacause butter wouldn't melt in my mouth, and within 24 hours they had a unanimous decision to have a Working Cocker. Mind you, after going on about how well behaved I was, I of course let the side down by finding the only fresh cow pat in the whole field and rolling very thoroughly in it!

24/04/08 -
After much abuse from Mums brother-in-law Alan about what a soppy tart she is having a website and book about a dog, finally he has been converted. He is in the middle of a super secret big deal, and went to see the head of a very large corporate organisation to discuss it. Apparently this chaps wife has just got a labrador and wants to write a book about it - well, Alan nearly fell off his chair - at their next meeting he is actually going to confess to his barking mad rellie and suggest he visits the dogblog! That's a bigger turnaround than Prime Minister Brown - mind you, Alan is Scottish too, so perhaps he's related!!

16/04/08 -
Russell Brand of dogsI have had a great email from Rogue on my visitors book - one of my possie of ladies - and she thinks I am the Russell Brand of dogs - wheyhey, last time I was compared to someone famous it was Graham Norton! Think I must be going up in the world!!

Rogue has got a new friend - a rabbit! Which I am pretty impressed that she hasn't eaten, especially as I managed to bump off our neighbours pet rabbit Basil when I was a pup. I think the fact that she is so soft with the rabbit more than makes up for biting the vet - who sounds like a right plonker - Mum says she would have done more than mutter on the way home!!

11/04/08 -
When you are self employed sometimes you end up getting caught up on the computer first thing in the morning, still in your PJ's. As a rule Mum gets washed and dressed and takes me for my morning constitutional before she turns the computer on, but occasionally she sits down first thing to check her emails and gets carried away. Whilst it means I have to wait for my walk, it does have some benefits, as we discovered yesterday. A knock at the door and there were the God-squad out on a conversion mission - the woman took one look at Mum looking like a bog brush, no make-up and PJ's and the two of them muttered something about now not being a good time and legged it down the path as fast as their little legs could carry them! Mum is obviously past redemption!! On a more sociable note, I got another new mate called Ozzy on the visitors book - ace, keep them coming guys, us working cockers have definite need of a support network to help us keep our humans in order.

09/04/08 -
I've just about recovered from my hot date with Millie, and I think she had a good time too - got a lovely message on the visitors book from her. Also have a new fan Alf and his human Andrew - I am beginning to suspect that it takes a certain kind of human to own a working cocker, namely barking mad with a good sense of humour..they show as many similar traits as us dogs do! Oh, and Mum wants me to add a public health announcement - it's Frontline time of year again, those fleas are awakening, so watch out all cockers - I've been zapped so all safe here, but with all my swimming in the lake we have to do it monthly right up until October now.

07/04/08 -
Gorgeous working cocker ladyWhat a cracking start to the month - I have met a new lady who is a real cracker called Millie. Mum arranged a walk with Julia (Millie's Mum) and her friend Becky, and of course the lovely Millie. The 3 humans hit it off like a house on fire and never stopped talking from 11 in the morning until 6 in the evening! Luckily they can talk and walk at the same time!!

A very muddy cockerWhilst they were gassing I focused on the best way to impress this new girlfriend, but my first attempt involving my mud attraction abilities didn't really get her attention, so I had to resort to water antics instead. Mind you, that seemed to work a treat, although I couldn't tempt her in for a swim with me, she watched from the waters edge and helped me out onto the bank.

Cockers swimmingWe are very similar, and she manages to collect thorns in her coat the way I do. The pheasants were definitely kept on their toes today with two of us to contend with. She really is my kinda girl - I even let her play with my favourite ball when we got back home. Hey, with a face like that, she can play with my balls anytime!

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