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Sexy working cocker girlOh! I got the pictures from Rogue - she's a little sweetie!!

28/09/07 -
I have a new pen friend called Rogue - a splendid and very appropriate name for a working cocker I have to say! - she put a message on my guestbook. I hope she does send a picture, I love a good look at all the totty out there! Also, Jonny Walker, of Radio Two fame, was saying the other day that he is getting a working cocker puppy - I hope he has read this blog and knows what he's letting himself in for! Perhaps Mummy should send him an email and warn him!! Any ho - off to pack, we are visiting Grandma this weekend and that devil dog Daisy May...will report back soon.

24/09/07 -
Singing working cockerWe are rather partial to listening to Sarah Kennedy on Radio 2 in the mornings, and the other day she played a Showtune which was obviously written about working cockers. So much so, that both Mummy and me had to have a sing along...

"We're busy doing nothing, working the whole day through,
trying to find lots of things not to do.
We're busy doing nothing, isn't it such a crime,
We'd like to be unhappy but, we really don't have the time."

Of course after all that effort, I then had to have a little lie down to recover! So, can anyone out there come up with a more appropriate song? I think we should run a poll about it - what do you reckon?

16/09/07 -
Mummy has been spectacularly bad at keeping my host of fans up to date with my antics - in fact I am a neglected puppy and will be reporting her to PuppyLine if she doesn't pull her finger out! I know she has to do that thing called work in order to pay for all the fresh rabbit for my tummy, but I miss my round the clock attention!

While she has been travelling up and down the country doing things called Launch Days for her client, I have been spending quality time with Aunty Rebecca from Muddy Paws. Actually it's been great, and I have had so many walkies that I can hardly keep my eyes open. Don't tell Mummy though, as she gives me extra fuss if I make her feel guilty! Lets face it - us Working Cockers just have to flash the big brown eye's and you guys are putty in our paws!

Mad Otter HoundI had a great email from a posh chap called William Wordsworth - he's a very strange looking Cocker, but then that could be because he's an Otter Hound. I met one of those once when I was at my puppy training class, and have to say they are great big hairy teddy bears who seem totally untrainable - smashing! From his note he is giving his owners a run for their money and holding up the Otter Hound reputation brilliantly - well done Wills, keep up the good work!

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