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30/11/07 -
Smiley working cocker studWe can't believe it's the end of the month already - where does the time go? We have been very busy here, well Mummy has, I have spent lots of time snoozing in true working cocker spirit! Mummy's written a book about me, and has just ordered the first - hot off the press - copies in time for Christmas. If anyone is interested in buying a copy, we are selling them for £8.99, so send us an email and let us know if you want one.

I am off to meet Blue today, a lovely Blue Roan lady from Andover. If we get on well and her Mummy likes me then we may be arranging a hot date for next year. After my hot date we are carrying on to Chichester to see Grandma and Daisy Devil Dog for the weekend, so busy bees.

12/11/07 -
I had a cracking entry on my visitors book this morning from a little cutie called Lexi, click on my graphic above to check it out. I think I know what her Mummy is saying about diets – my Mummy does a bit of that too – that and stopping smoking. She is about as successful at both – basically rubbish then! Lexi was asking about help with training for the field and there are some cracking video’s available offering training tips for gun dogs – check out something like the Shooting Times adverts in the back for them. Mummy did have a go at them with me – but I am still a little headstrong and she doesn’t like to bash me – so basically I just do what I like and bring her back the occasional pheasant to keep her happy!

Am seriously in the dog house today for buggering off for an hour on our walk this morning – she was frantic and had half of the Gloucestershire dog walkers out looking for me - and she got Daddy home from work to help! Needless to say I had just chased a pheasant and lost my bearings so headed back to the car – how was I to know she was still up the other end of the woods crying for me. Am trying to be really good now to make amends.

03/11/07 -
Pretty Working Cocker LadyI had a lovely message from a dogblog fan called Flash - this is him with his new live in girlfriend Gemma - what a cracking picture. She drives him potty wanting to play all the time, but at 12 weeks us working cockers are just a bundle of energy so this is quite understandable really - don't worry Flash she'll probably calm down in a few years!

Swedish Working CockerI also have a new fan all the way from Sweden! This is Finigan and his mummy Barbara. She asked for some tips on getting a working cocker to heal but as this is a wee problem for my mummy too we weren't much help - however Barbara has found a terrific woman over there who is an expert and if she finds a solution she will let Mummy know - so watch this space.

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