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31/05/07 -
We have got a new penpal in Texas...Mummy has sent him some pictures and stuff about me and the blog and he may write about it on his site over the weekend - so watch out on - Rags goes international!

30/05/07 -
Mummy had a bit of a window this morning work wise, so we went off to Toadsmoor on a squirrel hunt - Mummy got soaked and we didn't catch anything, but boy did I have fun trying. Did pick up a tick on route though, so Mummy had to surgically remove it with her tweazers when we got home - guess it's time to Frontline again!

29/05/07 -
Working Cocker LovingOh boy have I had a cracking weekend - despite the rain. On Sunday the folks decided to pop along to the pub and listen to the Jazz, and this couple came in and started making a big fuss of me. It turned out that they have a working cocker girl - in the back of their car as it happens - and she was in season, albeit a little past the normal bonkie time. Well - it seemed rude not to offer my services really - so in the back of their Range Rover I go - and wow, what a cracker is Charley - I was away!! (Mummy has edited the picture to protect our blushes!) I had a lovely time for about an hour, but we didn't tie - so although it was good for me, there is probably not much chance of puppies...which Daddy might say is a good thing what with the Puppy Support Agency and all! Anyway, they have my number and are going to call in November when she comes into season again - getting us together at the right time for the tie.

Then on Monday Auntie Lou came over and we went for a huge long walk around Toadsmoor, bumping into Nina my pal, and generally had a lovely time. All things considered, I am pretty pooped out today.

24/05/07 -
Very handsome working cocker spanielThings are looking up - I feel loads better and Daddy's spots have all gone. Plus I got a love letter from Poppy, so hopefully I'll have a chance to get some working cocker loving in before too long! As you can see I am back to my normal handsome self, although I do Paws for thoughtstill feel the need to stick close to Mummy. Trouble is, when the weather is hot I get too warm snuggling up to her, so I have to compromise and just keep tabs on her shoes - after all, if walkies are involved she'll have to put them on - us working cockers are certainly not daft you know!

21/05/07 -
What a month we have had! I think Daddy decided that having cute spots means Mummy tickles your tummy loads - well it works for he caught Shingles and has been parading around the house looking all poxy and spotty. Needless to say, he didn't get any tummy tickles because Mummy didn't want to catch it and has spent most of the time having to sleep on the sofa too!! Great for me, as I got to share the bed with Mummy every night, hee hee.

Then I was poorly pup, which started with a distinct lack of libido when Chelsea came over - most unlike me - and carried on for about 10 days of lethargy and sickness. In the end I had to visit the vet and get a full check up, which involved the thingy up the botty temperature torment, and a blood test. Turns out I have had a virus, which is getting better, but does mean I missed my nookie with Chelsea, and she's had to find another boyfriend for this year - what a tart! Still, now I am better I can save myself for Tara ... still waiting to hear whether I get to see her again.

01/05/07 -
Sexy Working Cocker LadyIt is definitely going to be a good month - I not only have a hot date with my bird Chelsea next Saturday, for serious Rumpie-pumpie, but I also had a visit from another lady looking for love. Mummy told me that Tarka was coming over to check me out - and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when she turned out not to be an Otter, but a rather sexy Working Cocker lady.

Rampant Working Cocker StudAs you can see - she had me licking my lips - but her Mummy has to decide who will make the best Stud-muffin for her, and she is checking out a few potentials - fingers crossed I get lucky and win the lady's heart!


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