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26/03/07 -
Cockers love bonesWe got a mailing from one of the pet suppliers which went on about the state of dogs teeth - so now Mummy has a bee in her bonnet about my teeth. On the good side, she got me this huge marrow bone to chomp on, which is supposed to clean them naturally. On the down side, she is attacking me every morning with the toothbrush thing! We have quite a battle really... with Mummy trying to get me to open my mouth and get the brush in before I start trying to spit it all back out at her and bite the brush in half. It's quite fun really, but don't tell her that!

20/03/07 -
Finally Mummy has got her new computer and has spent all day building it, so she is happy... Daddy won some more Brownie points by coming home with a take away so Mum doesn't have to cook, so he's happy... and I'm a Working Cocker, so am permanently happy!

15/03/07 - later in the morning...
Daddy has just lost his Brownie points...Aunty Lou brought some scrummie choc chip and orange cookies over last night, and there was half a box left. Mummy just went to make a mid-morning cuppa and really fancied a cookie, only to find that Daddy has scoffed the lot! She is not a happy camper! Brownie points = 0, great big tummy from pigging all the cookies = huge!!

15/03/07 -
Well we are into Guiness Book of Records territory now - Daddy has had his Brownie Points for the whole month so far - normally he manages to lose them all within a few days, so this is a record! I still haven't figured out quite what they are, but Mummy says that they don't apply to dogs, as dogs never upset you. Sure I could think of a way if I really wanted!

Noodle the working cockerLoads has been happening, including getting a new Penpal called Noodle - what a great name - featured here and very handsome he is too! We have also inspired another dog blog to be created: Me.html, and we have given some top tips to Michelle who is thinking of getting a working cocker spaniel puppy - all in all a busy time! Mummy has decided to buy a new computer because her's is still playing up and she is getting very stroppy with it - so perhaps by Monday I can finally stop hiding under the curtains while she swears at it!  

08/03/07 -
Doggie brownie PointsI have spent all week trying to figure out what these things called 'Brownie Points' are...I thought perhaps Mummy meant brownie spots, and I found one in the kitchen, but it turned out to be Marmite. I shall continue in my quest - I think I'd like some of them there Points, Daddy has had it really easy since he got his.

03/03/07 -
Mummy is full of cold so is busy sniffing and snuffling about the place and curling up on the sofa under the duvet. Actually it's not all bad because although I have had walkie rations, I also get to curl up on top of the 'duvet a la Mummy sofa heap' which is really rather comfy! Plus Daddy has been a bit of a star and taken me out so that Mummy doesn't have to brave the rain - lots of brownie points for him then!

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