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23/06/07 -
Had a boys day out today - Daddy drove up to this window and ordered something called a Big Mac and then asked me what I fancied, so I woofed Chicken Nuggets, and it was like magic - there they were! I love days out with Daddy!

22/06/07 -
Mummy has finally got herself organised and processed the holiday pictures! So here you go, a pictorial of our holiday to North Wales, and finally some pictures of my Mummy and Daddy!

After arriving and settling in, I explored the walled garden which was just outside our room and discovered rabbits! Then the folks all went over to the dining hall and stuffed their faces, but they did bring me a doggy bag back, so I forgave them. The next day we climbed Mount Snowdon - the highest mountain in England and Wales ... I have to say that Mummy is jolly heavy when you're having to pull her up hill! Got a cracking picture of Tracey and Alex at the top, and some Welsh workers who were up there doing some building work sang her happy birthday in Welsh.

Dolserau Hall - our holiday pad Rabbits in the walled garden A working cocker spaniel up Mount Snowdon - wow! Tracey and Alex conquer Snowdon

I must admit that I did sleep rather well after all that mountaineering, and the next day we all headed off to the New Precipice Walk, a 7 mile hilly climb which had fantastic views from the top all across the estuary. Towards the end of the walk we had to traverse a river, and I did my best to pull Daddy in but couldn't quite manage it. There was a convenient pub at the end of the walk, so we grabbed a pit stop before heading back to the hotel for afternoon tea.

Me up New Precipice - wot a view Views from New Precipice Me and Dad crossing the river The family - in the pub as usual!

Once everyone had recovered we decided to go on another walk which started right by the hotel, called Torrents Walk, and was about 3 miles. Hey, us working cockers Torrents Walk Exploring Torrents Walkhave bags of energy, so I wasn't complaining!

Later I took full advantage of a quiet night while they all had dinner, but was rewarded with Wild Boar in the doggy bag.

I must admit that after 2 days of walking all over the place I was ready to go home really. There are still loads of other walks there though, so I think we are going to come back again. Despite all that walking, Mummy put on weight because the food was so good in the hotel and she's a pig! Can't wait for next year!

19/06/07 -
We have been away on our annual holiday - this time we went to North Wales and it was fantastic - I have had the time of my life, and am totally knackered out now! We stayed at this great hotel called Dolserau Hall which is near Dolgellau in the Snowdonia National Park, and they love dogs there! Mummy was so impressed with the service, room, facilities and food that she is adding the link to our useful links area. We went with Aunty Tracey and Uncle Alex - it was for Traceys' 40th birthday, and to celebrate the day we all walked up Mount Snowdon! - well, Mummy and Daddy flaked out 3/4 of the way up and retired to the pub at the bottom of the mountain, but still we went about 8 miles up and down so I was quite proud of them really! Aunty Tracey and Uncle Alex made it right to the top though and were really chuffed with themselves - life obviously does begin at 40! Mummy forgot her camera because she is pants, so we are just waiting for Aunty Trace to send us a copy of her pics for the Blog - will go into more holiday detail once we have those.

11/06/07 -
I have solved the age old dog to eat the remainder of Mummys cereal without getting a milk beard. You see, whilst us dogs can lick our chops fairly effectively - there is a small area right at the bottom of our snout which our tongue just cannot reach - and this is exactly the same spot that you get milk beard. After many a time of desperately licking and failing to reach it - I have now solved the problem. Wipe your mouth on the sofa to get the milk off and then lick the sofa to make sure you are not missing out on the last little bit of treat!

06/06/07 -
Chief working cocker squirrel hunterBeen doing some serious squirrel hunting this morning - the pesky things scoot up the trees out of reach, but I'm determined to bark at them until their ears ring, they lose balance and fall straight into my waiting jaws! Failing that, I am getting better at climbing - I actually got my back paws off the ground this time, but only briefly before I fell down again - still, us working cockers are nothing if not persistent.

04/06/07 -
Internationally reknowned houndIt's official - I am now an internationally reknowned hound! Larry Powell over in Texas has done a feature all about me and it's brill! Click on the pic to go to his site and have a read - it even has quotes from Mummy and lots of pictures, and the rest of the site is great too. Plus some American folks have left me messages on my guestbook already - excellent!

We spent the weekend at Grandmas' and she got Mummy to wash her car - it was hilarious as Mummy had a right strop on and managed to break the hose in a fit of pique - I mean she never washes our car so why would she want to do Grandmas! Anyway, I kept well out of the way - I've seen that look in her eye before.

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