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24/07/07 -
It's a good job I am a water dog really what with all the flooding here in Gloucestershire. Mind you, it could get really nasty - Mummy is threatening to shower down in Toadsmoor's that would not be a pretty sight!! I think all this water has sent her a bit dolally though, this morning she had be on my back and was moving my legs - doggy aerobics style. She reckoned that if we did it for long enough I wouldn't need a walk, until I pointed out to her that the smells and toiletry opportunities were missing!

19/07/07 -
Sleepy Working Cocker StudI had an email today from Poppy - the very lovely Working Cocker lady from Surrey. We could be setting up a date over the next few weeks! I am very excited... and busy ensuring that I conserve as much energy as possible ready for the big day - don't want to peak too soon!

16/07/07 -
Milky Beard LookI'm exhausted - we had a full on weekend with Mummy taking me for a massive walk on Saturday to work off her hangover, and then Kristen and Aunty Lou came to visit yesterday and us boys were playing ball for hours. Pooped or what! Still, Mummy is making sure I have lots of energy and that my bones are strong by giving me her cereal milk, but we are back to the milky beard look I'm afraid.

08/07/07 -
Green Pawed Working CockerThree guesses what we have been doing today! You humans think you are green fingered when it comes to the garden, but us Working cockers are green pawed!! Alan Titchmarsh eat your heart out.

Also we went to the Country Fayre at Cirencester on Saturday and there were loads of doggie stalls, scurries and doggie visitors - it was a bottom sniffing fest for me! Mummy decided against letting me have a go at the gun dog trials, after last year when I made a complete show of her by totally ignoring the dummies I was supposed to fetch and finding a rabbit hole instead.

02/07/07 -
The Working Cocker Kate Moss PoseI've got a new Mummy - well it's the old Mummy but just a bit more zozzed up and glamour-pussed. She had a pamper session last week where they do your nails, make-up and hair and then take pictures....she certainly looked better than she usually does! I gave her some advice on how to pose for the photo's, as you can see, I am a bit of an expert.

Glamour Puss MummyIt took Aunty Tracey at least a year to persuade Mummy to have her picture on the blog, and the one we featured last month after walking 10 miles up and down mountains certainly didn't show her off at her best, so to redress the balance, here is one of the pictures from her pamper day shoot - if her ears were a bit longer I could almost fancy her myself! Not bad for an old bird really!

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