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25/01/07 -
I have been a bit out of sorts this week - still thinking about Dusty. However I was good and distracted from my moping this morning with a doggie party up the field. There are lots of dogs around here and I know nearly all of them - this morning it was Shadow, Sam, Jessie and Eddie out to play. It's great that we all get on really well and hare about racing each other up and down the hill. Mummy gets a gossip in with the humans too - so that keeps her quiet while I play!

22/01/07 -
I know - we have been particularly bad at keeping the blog up to date recently, apologies. Trouble is that we have been doing so much - Mummy has been up to her ears in work, and I have been bonking my little heart out!

Handscome Working CockerMummy got a call from Dusty, a very pretty little working cocker bitch who lives in Cheltenham - and she was up for a bit of fooling around! Yippee!! So on the arranged day Mummy got me looking gorgeous - all groomed and teeth brushed, I cut a handsome figure even if I do say so myself.

Tenderhooks CockerAnyone who says that a dog has a limited memory is talking baloney, because I knew exactly what Mummy meant by Rumpy-Pumpy (even though it's been about a year since I last got any!) and was sat at the backdoor peering hopefully at the gate for about half an hour, awaiting the arrival of my bird.

It's love!Finally she arrived, and I though 'Woof!' - there was lots of flirting and a fair bit of mounting - but unfortunately Dusty is quite a bit smaller than me, so I had a bit of a problem figuring out how to bend my legs so I could reach her. We also hit another snag in that Dusty was a virgin bride, and when I did find the right angle and get somewhere, she would yelp, wriggle and move - very off putting. Being a Gent I was then a bit reluctant to have another go too quickly because I had obviously hurt her.

3 days in a row we tried, but in vain - she wasn't having any of it - Oh boy am I one very frustrated Cocker. Her Mummy had even taken her to see the vet to get her hyman broken before the last attempt, but she still didn't fancy it. It was a shame really because I think we'd have made great puppies - she was such a lovely lass. Hopefully Poppy won't be such a wimp about losing her virginity when the time comes!

17/01/07 -
Alert Working CockerI got a great long walk yesterday in between the Gales. I found the pheasant pen in Toadsmoor and had a chilly dip in the Ford. All this wind really gets my nose going, I can smell good things all over the place - but I still didn't manage to catch anything!

14/01/07 -
Pleading Working CockerWeather is a really pants thing you know, despite my pleading looks to the God of Weather - I mean if today had been yesterday, then I would have got to go Beating. But because yesterday was yesterday - and it was raining and horrible, we didn't go. Mummy is a fair weather Beater only. At least we got a huge run around Toadsmoor today to make up for it, and Mummy enjoyed the sunshine, so it hasn't been all bad.

10/01/07 -
Life is really boring when Mummy is busy working, and she has been on a roll these last few days. First I get shorter walks which have to fit into her schedule rather than our normal routine, and then I spend lots of time waiting for her to finish waffling on in meetings. Boring! Mind you, she has promised a days Beating on Saturday if the weather is OK - so keep your paws crossed.

08/01/07 -
Snuggly Working CockerSo I have decided that maybe Fluffy isn't so bad after all - what a difference a weekend makes! He makes an excellent head rest, and I think I might let him live now. Of course I have had to put him in his place, so he knows who is boss - but I reckon he has got the message now.

04/01/07 -
Mummy won a fluffy puppy in the pub draw at Christmas, and made the mistake of making a fuss of it this morning - well - there's only room for one puppy in this house - that thing is a dead thing - attack!!!

Killer CockerShake that toyAction DogChampion Cocker SpanielI got him!

03/01/07 -
I can't believe it is the third already! We are all still recovering from Christmas and trying to get back into work mode (which shouldn't be hard for a working cocker but not so easy for Mummy). We have been busy taking Bo and Molly from the pub out on walks while Aunty Caroline had her baby - a boy - New Years Eve - (I think I shall be haunted by Westies forever - first Daisy now Molly!) But now they are all home it should go back to our usual routines.

I got 2 whole Christmas cards just for me - one from Chelsea and one from Poppy - Mummy didn't have Poppy's address, but hopes she saw the card on the dogblog - it comes with extra kisses from me to her! With two girlfriends I think 2007 will be a good year for me! Happy New Year to you all - hope you all have as good a one as me, although I am not recommending you all get two girlfriends, 'cos only us dogs are allowed to do that without getting a slap round the kisser!

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