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23/02/07 -
Under cover working cocker picMainly this week I've been under cover in a well known war zone... trouble being that my tail stuck out the end of the camoflage jacket and kept waving at the enemy...luckily they thought it was a white flag and didn't shoot me! Anyway - failed to become a super SAS sniffer hound as a result, so using the uniform to keep warm instead.

20/02/07 -
Working Cocker in his element picWell we have been off-line for about a week because Mummys' computer died and she has had to have the whole thing re-built. To say she is not a very happy chappy is a bit of an understatement! Still, all back and fixed now, and Mummy promised me a long walk around Toadsmoor once she had got it sorted - so big runs for me - yippee!!

12/02/07 -
Finally the snow melted and the rain stopped and we got some sunshine on Sunday - so big walks for me then! Today we are super hero's and saved a young collie doggie from getting run over on the main road - Mummy popped into the post office this morning and as she came out a lovely collie befriended her - off the lead and with no-one nearby Mummy started to try to find out who owned her, but after a trawl of the shops, houses and post office there was no clue - seeing as she was wandering free and the main road is a death trap for doggies - 40 miles per hour my ar*e, they come around that corner at a flying speed - Mummy decided to take her to the local vets. So if you live near Brimscombe and have lost a lovely black and white collie bitch with a collar but no tag or chip - then Bowbridge vets have her safe. I hope she finds her owner, because she really was a lovely dog - I was all for keeping her but Mummy said that one fuzzy butt in the house was more than enough!

08/02/07 -
Snow!! Yippee - I love it - although it does make me look somewhat grubby! Mummy was supposed to be going to a client in Newport today but had to call it off, so it's a holiday - we made the most of it by romping up the fields, dodging all the kids on sledges and playing big style. Plus Mummy entered the DogBlog in a website award on and the chap rang us and said it was great and he would feature it! Soon I'll be more famous than Lassie! Hope you enjoy the pictures...

Wot's all the white stuff? picGeronimooo - cocker in snow picThere's a ball in here somewhere picWorking cocker with ball pic

07/02/07 -
Snuggley working cocker picFrosty under foot this morning - which I love because all the smells are great and I don't get bogged down in mud. Mind you, the forcast is snow - which is great fun to play in, but does have a tendency to get stuck in my paws. I think the best plan is to snuggle down in Daddys dressing gown until the Spring arrives!

Oh, and some great news - we are Number One on Google if you search for 'working cocker spaniel stud' or 'working cocker spaniel contact' - so Mummy is well pleased with herself - anyone would think she did this sort of thing for a living!!

05/02/07 -
What a great weekend - I spent Saturday night with Aunty Lou, Kristen and her parents - so older peeps, younger peeps and one in the soon as one got bored with fussing me I simply moved onto the next! Mummy and Daddy went off for the night to a wedding, and they don't let dogs in the hotel, so I had a stay-over.

Then we went to the local pub on Sunday to watch the rugby and a really gorgeous working cocker bitch came in - she was really sexy, and Mummy gave her owner details in case she wanted a stud dog (please..yes please!!). I spent the whole time peering around the table legs at her, and flirting outrageously!  

02/02/07 -
Working Cocker in hiding picAs you have probably spotted - Mummy has re-designed the DogBlog again. She has just upgraded to a new software version and it meant re-doing the site from scratch - sorry about the wait and we hope you like it. I have to say that it must have been quite a complex job which resulted in a great deal of cursing - I kept well out of the way!

01/02/07 -
A Working Cocker in action picI finally got to go Beating again last Saturday, and it was the last day of the season so I am now a redundent Working Cocker Spaniel until the Autumn. Mummy did take her camera, but she was too busy trying not to fall over to actually take very many. She was a major embarrassment too - she got stuck in a thorn thicket for nearly 15 minutes and everyone had to wait for her to scramble Working Spaniels picout - she wasn't too impressed when she found them all laughing their heads off!

Very steep Beating picThe Chief Beater chap described me as a 'great little worker' - so Mummy was rather proud - and I behaved impeccably for a change - even when the Roebuck ran straight in from of me! Here are the few pics Mummy took - the one of the trees was just to demonstrate how steep it was (she is such a wuss!).

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