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24/12/07 -
A very Merry Christmas to all my dogblog fans..

Xmas cocker

11/12/07 -
Fed up and injured CockerWhy is it that every year, just as the shooting season starts, I manage to get myself injured so can't go beating. It's just not fair. Somehow I have managed to rip off one of my claws - not the dangly dew claw but one right in the middle of my front paw! Boy did it hurt, and I had to visit Uncle Shane the vet for a massive pain killer and antibiotic jab. He did give Mummy some pills too but I threw those back up again on Sunday, I can't make things too easy for her after all! Still limping like mad, and actually keeping the pills down if they are crushed up in my dinner, but if things don't improve we are going back to the vets tomorrow.

On a more cheerful note, our visit to Andover was a success and Blue, the lovely lady cocker, was a smasher. Fingers crossed for February when my services may be required! Also, Mummy's book has arrived and looks great - she is prancing about the place pretending she is a literary genius! We have sold one copy already!!

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