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20/08/07 -
We've had a very exciting weekend because Aunty Tracey and Uncle Alex got married, and threw a big party. Unfortunately us dogs were not invited, because Aunty Tracey knows about my penchant for jumping into her fishpond and then shaking all over the place...not very good when you have lots of guests in posh frocks! Mummy and Daddy went though, and came home very squiffy - they did manage to take a few pics while there and even got one of some other Dogblog fans, John, Jenny and Penny. Congrats Guys!

You may now kiss the bride Yummy chocolate wedding cake Blushing bride Blushing groom Pleased as punch Cutting the cake Snogfest Dogblog fans

15/08/07 -
You humans are very strange sometimes. Mummy has decided that just because she is 40 next year, she is not going to get all wrinkly and hair wartie and has started smothering herself in lotions and potions, and trying to remove every last strand of spare hair (of which there is a fair amount!). So after a strategy meeting with Aunty Di about the various pro's and con's of hair removal methods, they decided that the best thing was to use an 'epilator' on Mummys legs. Needless to say, I spent Sunday helping Aunty Di pin Mummy to the living room floor while she clutched onto me for grim death whilst screaming and saying alot of words beginning with 'F' - and Aunty Di used this epilator thingy on her legs. I was jolly glad that they didn't test it on me first - 'cos I've got even more hair than Mummy! Still, it was probably worth it, because Mummy has very smooth legs now and is prancing around the place feeling very glamour-puss-like and happy. I'm just keeping my head down.

08/08/07 -
Contrarey is the word me thinks. After letting the side down with Poppy, we went to visit Chelsea, Sam and Sadie for an afternoon stroll - and guess what - I was all over Sam who was a day or two before coming into season. I mean, she wasn't even in proper season and I was desperately trying to get my leg over...yet when I have Poppy, who is ready, willing and able, I turn a blind eye and am more interested in trying to bonk the bean bag! Trouble is, Sam is a sole coloured all black lady - her Mummy wants to breed more sole coloured pups and they have lined up a golden sole coloured for her boyfriend - so I'm not going to get a chance to have my wicked way with her - and I really really fancy her too!!

01/08/07 -
Nervous Bonker DogWell I have gone from being the Brad Pitt of Working Cockers (as described by Poppy's Mum), to the Graham Norton of Working Cockers (as described by Mummy after I wasn't interested in bonking the gorgeous Poppy!). Don't know why...guess I just wasn't in the mood. Think we shall have to review the 'stud dog extraordinaire' bit of this site!

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