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26/04/07 -
We have been down to Chichester again to visit the mad Daisy May westie and Grandma. I got to go and stay with Uncle Simon too while Mummy went to see a customer on Monday morning - which was great as he has a huge garden with lots of phezzie-wezzies in it! Mummy has been very remiss at keeping my blog up to date, but will try harder next month - she hasn't even been taking pictures either, so smacked botty for her. One bit of interesting news is that a lady who works with our neighbour might be interested in using me for a bit of loving - fingers crossed! - she has a little liver and white lady dog who may need some attention.

17/04/07 -
Toby the gay dogAlice has sent us this lovely picture of Toby, my boyfriend. He is so in love with me that whenever we see him he pounces on me, and if we walk past his garden and he can't get to me he cries really loudly until we've gone past. I think he might be gay, seeing as I'm a boy and he is too - but I guess he can't help the fact that I'm so irresistable - it's the ears that do it!

14/04/07 -
Having got a taste for extreme sports, I have now decided to explore pot-holing. Trouble is, there are no pot-holes here, so I have started digging my own in the front flower bed. And if you don't think that it is a dangerous sport, you try facing Mummy when she discovers you!

11/04/07 -
I got Mummy a cracking April Fool yesterday - albeit a little late...I did this spectacular dive off the garden wall which is about 5ft high, and then did this very convincing limpy, paw suspended, act. Well Mummy came haring down to the garden and everso gently lifted me up and carried me all the way back up the garden and into the house, placing me on the sofa with soothing words. She then examined my leg and rang the vet to try to find out how to tell if it was broken. The vet suggested she bring me in just to check, so off we went. Well of course, by the time we arrived, I was walking absolutely fine! Mummy told the vet I was a big fraud, and beat a hasty and embarrassed retreat. Hee, hee!!  

05/04/07 -
Cocker smoochingAunty Lou came over for lunch yesterday - she has been a bit poorly and exhausted, so after lunch Mummy put her in the garden on the comfy seat to have a rest. Not being one to miss an opportunity to do the working cocker smooch, I thought it would be rude not to keep an eye on her! Looking forward to all my Easter Eggs - that is if I get a look in knowing Mummy's greedy chocoholic tendencies.


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