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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags, Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own Dog Blog.

29/09/06 -
Mummy and I were listening to Jeremy Vine yesterday and he was saying that there is a massive furore about dogs and dog owners at the moment. It is incredibly sad that some 3000 children are hurt by dogs each year, but the media are unfair to turn this into a witchhunt and solely blame irresponsible dog owners. I just want to mention a small issue which everyone seems to overlook - how many of those injuries were as a result of an adult leaving a child unsupervised with a dog or a child taunting or hurting a dog? no-one talks about responsible children owners do they.

For example, I have met several children on my walks who are frightened of dogs, and they scream and run away - the worst thing they could do. If a child makes a noise and runs, all they achieve is to get the attention of a dog and make the dog think they are playing, a sure fire way to get the dog to chase you! (Lucky for them my Mummy has taught me how to behave around children so I just trot straight past them.) But why don't parents teach their children how to behave around animals - for the protection of the child and the dog.

More children in the UK are hurt by other children and by adults - Childline get 4725 calls every year about bullying and physical abuse - isn't it about time that the media got things into perspective - and isn't it about time that parents took some responsibility for their children. I am the soppiest dog going, but if a child pulled my ears or poked me in the eye I might feel like biting them.

Perhaps if we all start taking some responsibility - dogs, dog owners and parents, instead of throwing blame around, then these incidents would happen less.

27/09/06 -
Oh boy am I in the good books this morning..I am always losing balls up the field because I get onto a nice smell trail and drop it in my excitement. Mostly I find it again, but occasionally I lose it altogether. Well this morning I found one that I lost 2 weeks ago! As they cost about £7 each Mummy was delighted with me - so lots of fuss today then!

25/09/06 -
I've been the only one in the family not working this weekend - makes a change! Daddy was finishing building the patio and Mummy was painting the bedroom. Tempers were definitely frayed so I kept a very low profile under the bed!

My brain was still working though - I mean I know when it's Sunday and I can get Daddy to take me for a long walk in the morning...I sit on his tummy and eye-ball him until he opens his eyes, and then it's just a matter of jumping around a lot until he gives in and gets up. Every other day I know it is Mummy who will take me, but on a Sunday she wakes up as a wild-eyed bog monster if me or Daddy disturbs her before 8 and even then she has to be approached carefully whilst holding a cup of tea in front of you. Half an hour of tip-toeing around is usually enough for the monster to be gone and Mummy to be back in its place.

20/09/06 -
Yippee - I have had an email from a potential 'lady friend' called Poppy - she is really cute and wants to have my puppies! I hope that she doesn't change her mind, as I think it could be love already...just the thought of legs have gone all wobbly...mind you, it hasn't put me off my food!

19/09/06 -
Managed to get good and mucky yesterday, this is really what a working cocker should look like, not all poofed up and sweet smelling - I wish Mummy would realise this!

I've got a new fan - Flash from Wales. He is training to be a search and rescue dog which sounds really great fun, and he has a blog too all about his training.

18/09/06 -
My eyes are all better, but Mummy thought she was getting it too so she put my eye drops in her eyes too - did the trick but she keeps trying to lick her bottom now!

I had a great weekend, we were invited to lunch with Tess and Dave on Sunday - they do a great line in cheese straws, and Mummy let me have some of her apricot stuffed pork too - scrum.

15/09/06 -
I'm sick!! Mummy says its conjunctivitis - longhand for nasty itchy eyes - and she thinks its because I went in the scanky cow trough. Actually us Working Cocker Spaniels are a bit prone to this sort of affliction. Daddy thinks I look like a devil dog as my eyes are all red, he spent half an hour last night trying to find the 666 on my head. Anyway, off to visit my Doc to get some stuff to make me better.

I got a message in my guestbook, and yes I agree with you Andy, I am perfectly behaved...let down constantly by the parents drunken antics...I guess we all have a cross to bear! I won't even comment on the state Mummy came home in on Wednesday after spending the day at Le Spa with the girls...but Bucks Fizz in the outdoor hot tub was mentioned.

12/09/06 -
I met my daughter Lilly yesterday - she is staying with Aunty Lorraine while her new parents are on holiday. She is like a little Mini-Me, right down to how she lies down with her back legs stuck out behind her, her facial expressions and her character - what a little cracker!

Fearless too, I mean Aunty Lorraine has 5 dogs - 3 Working Cockers and 2 Collies - and Lilly was haring about the garden with them duffing up Sam and playing her heart out. She even sat on Mummys lap and nibbled her ear just like I do, then curled up and fell sound asleep. Mummy tried to get some pictures, but she's so quick that it was not very easy - anyway, here is my gorgeous girl...

Working Cockers at playWorking Cocker bathtimeWorking Cocker race

11/09/06 -
Cracking weekend involving lots of walks in the sunshine. Mummy took Aunty Lou out on Saturday night and they got really drunk, so she had a massive hangover on Sunday...lucky for me they decided to go for a long walk in the fresh air to get rid of it - Bonus!

We met a huge Rottveiller at the arboritum on Sunday and he tried to get frisky with me - I didn't like to argue too much seeing as his head was about the size of my whole body. It's not that I'm a chicken, but there are limits to bravery, and it was definitely not a good plan to thwart his advances, just in case he took offense and ate me.

08/09/06 -
Top condition Working Cocker pictureA visit to the quack today, just for annual booster jabs and a check up. Uncle Shane, my vet, said I was a Working Cocker in tip top condition, perfect weight and excellent health...I could have told him I was feeling fine without all that prodding!

07/09/06 -
Confirmation of my gorgeousness yesterday at the Old Neighbourhood pub...loads of fussing from just about everyone! We went walkies with mad Winnie-Woo-Tang and Sadie, Auntie Jools has to have an electric buggy round the Arboritum 'cos she has just had a hip operation - it came in really handy because Sadie is getting everso old and arthritic now, so she sits on the buggy with Jools for some of the walk round.

Daddy told me that we're having Chelsea - my girlfriend - for Christmas this year - I'd rather have turkey! Having Chelsea here to stay for a whole week is just about the best Christmas pressie I could get, I can't wait!

04/09/06 -
Ears flapping Spaniel pictureSorry I have been AWOL for a few days - Mummy and I went on our holidays to visit Grandma and Daisy May. It was great, the sun shining, the open road, ears flapping in the breeze, lots of smells zipping past.

I had a great time with Daisy, even though she duffs me up a lot. She chased this man one day, he was about 6ft tall and 16 stone and she is a wee westie, but he really ran was hilarious to watch! What a big chicken!!




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