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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags, Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own Dog Blog.

27/10/06 -
Handsome Working CockerMummy has been doing her David Bailey bit and has borrowed this really posh camera from Steve (Daddy's work friend who is a VW campervan, multi dog, multi sprog saddo apparently). Trouble is, she hasn't got a clue what she's doing. Luckily Steve took a cracking picture of me before he passed it over - what a handsome dog!

PaddlingWe spent the afternoon around Toadsmoor with my mate Nina and had a communal doggie puddle wallow. Well I had a wallow - Nina has got more sense obviously. This was about the only decent picture mummy managed all afternoon!

26/10/06 -
Well my cunning plan was thwarted on two fronts - first I couldn't see where I was going because of a technical hitch with my disguise... secondly Mummy pointed out that my chubby butt wouldn't fit through the window even if I could bounce high enough!

However, I got my just deserts in the end, because I managed to con Daddy into feeding me at 4 then Mummy into feeding me at 6! Double-dinner bonus!! I'm rather podgie now...and feel slightly sick.

25/10/06 -
I have had a cunning plan - I have noticed that next door's cats seem to be rather on the plump side, which means they get plenty of yummy food. So I have decided to apply my brain as to how I can get me some of it!

Cunning working cockerI have found myself a cracking disguise, and sussed out how they get into the house (via a window which is quite high up). All I need to do is practice my bouncing so I can get in the same way and voila - the dinner is mine! Planned sortie at O nine hundred hours tomorrow - wish me luck...

23/10/06 -
Rampant dogWell my hot date with Poppy from Surrey was a bit of a disaster - she was just coming out of season and smelt so gooood that I completely forgot myself and my usual gentlemanly behaviour went right out of the window. I completely ignored Poppy's lovely family and spent the whole visit desperately trying to get my leg over! Mummy had to keep a firm hold of me.

Gorgeous poppyMind you - she is rather gorgeous, and very well behaved - I think it's love. I'm hoping that she'll visit again so that I can redeem myself. After she went home on Friday I spent the whole evening mithering and sniffing the carpet where she had sat - sad or what!

Mummy had an email from another working cocker called Poppy today, she's black and only 10 months, from West Dorset - who knows, maybe I'll get to meet her one day too!

19/10/06 -
Mummy found a site on the internet yesterday which works out what sort of dog you would be - and guess what - she's a Spaniel! ( I could have told her that - she has brown eyes, floppy hair and spends hours in the bath. Talking of liking water...I've been paddling again, but must admit that it's getting a bit cold now - perhaps I should invent a doggy wetsuit and make my fortune.

18/10/06 -
Two new guestbook entries! Ellie - you sound like a bona fide Sprocker to me sweetie - bet you're a smasher. Good luck with your sponsored walk and say hi to Flash for me.

As for you Aunty Tracey - Daddy refuses point blank to be featured until he has got all trim and gained a six pack (He has as much chance of that as I have of winning Crufts!!). He says he likes being a mystery - I think he's been listening to Toyah Wilcox too much myself!

16/10/06 -
What a fantastic holiday! It was Uncle Alex's 40th birthday and 'cos he has to work in smelly old London all week his ideal break was North Devon - which meant I got to go too. The hotel was lovely with great views and great food - Sandy Cove Hotel, Coombe Martin - and dogs are welcomed. Our first full day we went to Woolacombe beach, which is about 2.5 miles long, and I got to hare about in the sand dunes. We walked the whole length of the beach and back - wicked! Then the grown ups found a watering hole for lunch before we headed off to Headons Mouth - a river which leads down to the sea and a lovely little bay. Was very glad to get a bit of peace in the evening while the humans had their dinner, and Mummy brought a great packet full of left over beef back for me - yum-scrum!

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Hotel view-birdwatching

Wot no grass?
Who moved all the grass?

Beach coomber
I've got a sandy bottom Mum

Our friends
Alex & Tracey - Drunken bums!

Day two and we went to Tarr Steps and walked all the way from there along the river to Withypool - 4 miles aparently but I'm sure it was further than that. Loads of pheasants to chase and it was really well signposted so when we got to places with sheep they warned you to put me on the lead. Found a smashing pub for lunch and then had to walk another 4 miles back - I thought Mummy and Daddy were going to pass out!

Working Cocker Fishing
Wot's a fish?

View of Tor
Gorgeous views

Phezzie Wezzie Hunting
Pheasant alert!

Tired Working Cocker
Pooped out now

Being suckers for punishment Mummy and Daddy went for a swim in the morning of Day three, and then a jacuzzi to try to help their legs stop hurting. On the way home we stopped in Minehead for another beach run, and finally got home just in time for X-Factor. I think I shall sleep for a week now - my paws ache and my bottom is full of sand, but we have all had a really great time - when's our next holiday?

11/10/06 -
Well lots been happening but Mummy has been so busy with her work that she hasn't had a minute to update my blog for me - useless! Aunty Lorraine saw another of my puppies - Ben, and took a picture. He is starting to look a lot like Chelsea - his Mum.

I have been busy flushing this particularly peskie pheasant out of the field behind where I live. I would have thought he'd have got the message by now and moved on, but he keeps coming back for more. Trouble is I get all excited when I smell him and drop my ball - I've lost 2 balls this week thanks to him, so Mummys not impressed.

We are off on our holidays today - to Coombe Martin in North Devon. The hotel welcomes dogs and even save tit-bits from the kitchen...can't wait! Aunty Tracey says there are loads of really great walks, and even greater pubs, so I think we shall all have a lovely time. Will report back at the weekend when we get home.

04/10/06 -
We went on a trip to Aunty Dee in Doward today - great for me as it means a long walk in the forest with Portia, Dylan and Fudge. Mummy is always absolutely tuckered out when we get home though as she works all day while there.

Laid back working cockerMind you this time she had a hypnotherapy session - Aunty Dee has just qualified so wanted a guinea-pig (Mummy definitely looks like a guinea-pig sometimes, but don't tell her I said so). Anyway, while I am trying to wear out Uncle Mike round the forest, Mummy has her feet up having a nice little sleep - and she calls that work! (The picture shows my impression of Mummy hypnotised!) Aunty Dee has got a website and everything, and Mummy reckons she's pretty hot stuff, so I'll include the link Wonder if she can hypnotise all working cocker bitches to fancy me something rotten!!?

02/10/06 -
Had my usual Sunday morning walk with Daddy yesterday - I love it but he doesn't half walk fast for a dog with only 2 legs!

Working Cocker Spaniel on GuardMummy had a meeting with a new client today and she left me guarding the car - when she came out she stunk of unfaithfulness - there was a definite smell of cocker spaniel on her skirts, and it wasn't from me! Finally she confessed that the lady owned two gorgeous cocker spaniels, one boy and one little girl of just 5 months...but she couldn't let me meet them because I'd have wanted to play and she needed to work. Apparently they were show breed rather than working cockers but very pretty all the same. Maybe I'll get to meet them next time.