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Rags the Working Cocker Spaniel


Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags, Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own Dog Blog.

30/11/06 -
Well, after a week of small walks and a distinct lack of anything exciting, my paw is nearly healed. It's been very boring though, and I am so full of energy I am like a coiled spring - those pheasants had better watch out on Saturday!

27/11/06 -
Wounded working cockerI'm a wounded soldier! I got a cut in my pad yesterday - the blood was everywhere and I couldn't stand it being touched. Mummy had to bathe it in warm salty water to clean in, then whack a load of Aloe gelly on it and then bandage it. I tried to be brave but it didn't half hurt - after I'd got patched up I lay on the sofa with my poorly pud on display just in case anyone forgot I was in need of special treatment. I must admit that Mum is a great nurse though because it felt much better today and is healing nicely - I even let her examine it more closely to check there was nothing nasty still in there. Hope it's all better by Saturday because we're supposed to be going shooting.

24/11/06 -
Get off those toes are mineI have discovered a new delicacy which I think could make me a rich dog - Mummys toes. They just taste great - mind you, perhaps I should keep schtum about them or else you'll all want some - and she's only got 10. Daddy informed her that Spaniels have the ability to taste Cancer and that her toes will probably drop off - but then he had been to the pub and was bumping into tables.

23/11/06 -
You definitely get some very strange people out there in the world. Mummy found a website today which listed all the foodstuffs which are dangerous to dogs - and guess what was first on the list...alcohol. Apparently if you give your dog alcohol it can make them unsteady on their feet which can end in damage - such as stumbling around the living room and bumping into the table - I mean - do they think us working cocker spaniels are stupid or something - Daddy proves that fact daily so I hardly need to find out via the internet!

21/11/06 -
I was so exhausted yesterday after running about with Winnie that by the time Mummy got home, via her hairdressers, I was far too cosy and sleepy in the back seat, and she had to lift me out the car! I could get used to this star treatment.

Sleeping working cockerMind you, there has to be some compensations to my privacy invasions - ever since Mummy got that new camera I get not a moments peace. Take the other day for example - there I was fast asleep having a nice little dream about squirrels when 'Flash' - Mummy took this picture. She said that my pokey out tongue and rolling eyes were too cute to resist.

20/11/06 -
Leaping working cockerMade the most of the sunshine this weekend and spent Saturday in the park with Lou and Kristen, and then Sunday at the craft fair at Castle Coombe. Mummy is really getting the hang of her new camera and got some great action shots of me leaping about trying to impress these two lady spaniels who were also in the park.

Wild Winnie-Woo-TangBit of a sad day today though as Winnie-Woo-Tang and Sadie are emigrating to Spain, so this afternoon we are having a last romp around the Arboritum together. I know Winnie is mad as a March Hare but I kinda like her - probably because she has never tried to eat me!

16/11/06 -
Back home at last after our mercy trip to Chichester - Grandma is going to be fine, but needs to try to find some interests. Mummy suggested belly dancing, 'cos Grandma already has a wobbly belly so she's half way there already.

Mummy took me for a long romp this morning to make up for the short walks we've been having - and I caught a pheasie-wezzie. Stupid thing was so fat it couldn't get off the ground! Still - I'm sure it would rather that than being run over by a car or shot, so I did it a favour really.

13/11/06 -
Great weekend - we looked after Chloe and Sophie on Saturday over at Aunty Joyce's house. She was off to Cheltenham races for the day and won loadsa money and had a great time. We lit the fire and curled up on the sofa all day watching movies - just what the doctor ordered for Mummy - who is still full of cold, and getting quite fed up about it now.

Devil Dog Daisy-MayOff to Chichester for a few days to take Grandma to the doctors - guess I'll have to put up with that Daisy-May again - she's not so bad really!

I managed to get a thorn in my foot this morning ( a common incidence amongst us working cocker spaniels), and hobbled over to Mummy looking all pathetic until she got it out - I was a very brave boy about it though - unlike Daddy with his man-flu!!

08/11/06 -
Mummy's full of cold and feeling very sorry for herself. It's Daddy's fault, he catches all sorts of things working in an office and then generously shares his germs with all of us. I have been giving her lots of tender loving care and cuddles all day - but must admit that her 'whisky breath' is making me high - purely medicinal my ar*e!

07/11/06 -
We had no electricity today from 8.30 in the morning until 4.00 this afternoon - Mummy had a right fanny-flop-drawers trying to get ready so early but had at least arranged for us to be out most of the day. Arboritum this morning and then I got left in the cold dark house while she swaned off to a customers to work and get lots of tea - that's it - I'm ringing Puppy Line and reporting her!

06/11/06 -
Working Cocker coupleHot date today with Dusty from Cheltenham ... and a very pretty bitch she is too. I think I may get some loving in before Christmas, so puppies for the new year.

I hope that Chelsea forgives me being unfaithful though, so far she has been my only mate. Mind you, I did meet Poppy too and she may be ready for love in the Spring....perhaps I should audition for the next James Bond...loaded and ready for love!

05/11/06 -
A really hard working cockerWe went Beating yesterday - what an ace time! I was very good and did everything Mummy told me, which is probably a first. I have never been so tired in all my life though - spent the whole evening and most of today sleeping. Mummy took her new camera but didn't take a single shot until we got home...she had to use both hands to hang on to all the tree stumps to stay upright!

03/11/06 -
Mummy has decided that she's going to change one of my pages. Three times last weekend we met dog people who chatted and complimented me on my glossy coat and fitness - and then asked Mummy things about what I eat etc. So the Friends page is now the Top Tips page, where Mummy can put useful stuff she discovers along the way. Plus we got an advert...lots of dogfood for me then!!

02/11/06 -
We've spent a few days down at Grandma's - 'cos she has been poorly and needed some TLC from Mummy. While we were there Mummy went to the Sussex Camera Shop in Chichester and got herself a new camera, smaller than the one Steve lent her, and obviously easier to use as she has taken some fairly decent pictures! Mind you - us Working Cockers are rather photogenic, even if I do say so myself!

We had dinner at Uncle Simons with a play fight thrown in, and lots of walks with Devil Dog Daisy-May - Mummy even remembered to pack my ball - bonus! Have to say that we were both pretty tired by the end of it all though.



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