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24/05/06 -
I'm a wolf! Now don't be mis-led by my softie exterior 'cos the man on the radio today said that even though some dogs are more fierce than others, owners should never forget that ALL dogs derive from wolves. I keep practising my wolf look and mummy falls about laughing...can't imagine why!

By the way - that's Tweetie Pie and Tinky Winky in the picture with me - I thought that if they were in on the shot it would help make me look all the more terrifying. Not sure that it worked really.

11/05/06 -
Went over to visit Aunty Dee in Doward today. Had a massive bundle fight with her three dogs; Dylan, Portia and Fudge, who are great pals of mine. Mummy supposedly goes over there to work, but it seems to me that drinking wine in the garden doesn't really count.


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