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31/07/06 -
What a weekend! When Mummy got back from shopping on Saturday afternoon we went awol to the New Red Lion pub at Chalford for the night. Aunty Caroline (the landlady) gave me a bowl of food which was really scrummy and then Uncle Matt (the landlord) took me for a walk with Bo and Molly (their dogs). Luckily I didn't have to try to get a squiffy mummy home all by myself - it takes me ages to navigate her down that canal path - but I was saved by Aunty Caroline giving us both a lift home - phew!

I am famous!!! When we were out on Sunday morning we met a man who recognised me from this website! I was very excited, but didn't offer to give him a pawprint, as don't want to get too 'celebrity'! I think Mummy would have been more excited if her head wasn't hurting quite so much!

29/07/06 -
Am definitely getting fed up with this hot weather as it is seriously curtailing my usual antics. Mummy took me to the lake yesterday so I could cool off - geronimo! Then after that we went to the pub so that she could cool down!

I managed to schmooze the landlady Caroline into giving me a dog treat...these big eyes work every time! However, I think it was at a price because she and mummy are going shopping this afternoon and I'm not allowed to go...thank goodness for that - all that mooching about in shops is terribly boring, and mummy won't let me widdle on the hanging rail stands for some reason - can't understand why!

27/07/06 -
They're back! - those little furry tree rats which drive me absolutely demented. They dance about up there knowing full well I can't climb trees...just wait until one falls off the branch...they'll be sorry. Now I'm all over-excited, yipping madly and doing my bouncy deer impression, which is really just too much in this heat. Think I'll go and jump in the cow trough to cool down.

22/07/06 -
Checked up on those pesky puppies again today - they are getting quite big now. I introduced them to the swimming pool - after all every self-respecting Working Cocker Spaniel has to know how to swim.

20/07/06 -
Spent the morning at Westonbirt Arboritum with that mad lurcher Winnie-Woo-Tang. She has a reputation in our neighbourhood for eating cats and small white fluffy dogs...so I stand up very tall and accentuate all my black bits!! We get on great, but then I understand where she's coming from - my having got our neighbours pet rabbit Basil - although in my defense the little devil did used to run around the garden and sit on the wall taunting me - stupid floppy ears didn't realise that I was still growing - as soon as I was big enough to jump the wall his rabbit paws hit the dust! They might be 'Brighteyes' but there is definitely nothing in between those ears!!

18/07/06 -
Well it's definitely too hot to be chasing rabbits today, so I went for a swim in that nice green murky lake instead. The added bonus of this is that I get to smell really lovely for a good few hours, which I'm sure my mummy really appreciates. It is a shame we are not seeing any of those nice clients today, or I could share the smell with them too.

12/07/06 -
Went to visit my missus and our puppies today. Had to have a serious chat with one little blighter, he seemed to think that my tackle had milk in it! Soon put him straight on that one!

Didn't stay too long just in case the PSA (Puppy Support Agency) was watching - don't want them catching up with me and taking half my dinner and toys!

09/07/06 -
Am exhausted after spending the day at the Cotswold Country Fair, but what a great time I've had. There were loads of other dogs walking about so I had a very sociable time sniffing bottoms. The Gun Dog display proved to my mummy that no Working Cocker ever does everything they are told - it's not just me! And my piece-de-resistance was having a go at the agility course and haring about over jumps and through tunnels. I even had a go at the Gun Dog course, but couldn't understand why mummy was shouting to me to fetch dummies when there were real live rabbit holes to discover!


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