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Some of My Pals...

In order from left to right you have Dylan, Portia and Fudge. They live out in the Forest of Dean and have a huge garden, so I like going to visit them as we get to have a really good play.

They are all brothers and sisters, but I think Dylan has definitely got some Spaniel in him - he's my fave.

This is Daisy-May, GrandMa's mad Westie. We were a bit younger when this was taken, and I think she had just blown off - thus the expressions!

She duffs me up, steals bones out of my mouth and generally causes mayhem. Mummy has nick-named her the Rebel-Without-A-Clue! Grandma also has a cat called Sammie who lets me sniff her bottom. I tend to avoid the other end as there are sharp bits in them there paws!

Meet Sophie and Chloe - Aunty Joyce's two Schnauzers. When we first met Chloe would just bark at me incessently - typical woman - nag,nag,nag! She is getting on a bit mind you and can't really see me properly. Now she has got to know me she is fine - and even gave me a kiss last time. Sophie has always been up for a play around!!

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