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Rags the Working Cocker Spaniel


Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags, Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own Dog Blog....

26/12/06 -
Dear All - hope you have had a nice festive period. We had a great day - despite my lack of main pressie, Daddy got us some doggy mince pies, and Aunty Clare gave me a special dog stocking - so we had some stuff to open, play with and munch. Mummy remained remarkably calm whilst cooking, and it all went great - we got a bowl full of Christmas dinner and I can vouch that it was definitely one of her better efforts.

One tired working cockerBy the end of the night we were all exhausted, with full tummies and the humans had all had a fair amount of Christmas spirit - mostly Port. Off to show Grandma and Daisy-May Toadsmoor lake this morning, to run off some of that food.

21/12/06 - Update - my pressie was sent via Parcelforce - who have lost it - they are pants! - don't use them! - from one very fed up dog. xx

21/12/06 -
Merry Christmas everyone - here is a special DogBlog card for you all... Oh, and there is still no sign of my pressie....

20/12/06 -
It's just not fair - everyone else's Christmas pressies have arrived now and Mummy is busy wrapping them all up and getting them under the tree - but my pressie hasn't been delivered! Mummy did chase it again this morning, but they seem to have lost it. I may just have to throw a fanny-flop-drawers (quite spectacular to behold!!) if they don't get it here in time.

18/12/06 -
So we popped into Joyce's to collect some pork she had got for us, and Mummy had a Baileys in her coffee - this was 11.30a.m. We finally left at 5.30p.m. (One bottle of champagne and most of a bottle of Baileys later) and Daddy had to come and collect us because Mummy was drunk as a Lord! Talk about getting into the Christmas spirit! She did stumble around the fields with me when we got home - which took her ages because of the wobble she had on - so at least I got a good walk. I suspect she will have a bit of a sore head tomorrow!

14/12/06 -
Bone!Mummy is definitely feeling guilty about the reindeer costume - she gave me this cracking big bone to try to appease me. It has worked but don't tell her that - all this grovelling is definitely good for working cocker soul!

I have hurt my paw again and am back to limping around like a pathetic mutt. Mummy has checked it out and can't find anything foreign lurking in there so I think I have just sprained my ankle or something - but Beating is off for the foreseeable future - baahh!!

13/12/06 -
New Westie PalI met a new friend today on my morning walk - Mac the Westie. He is only 6 months old and a little ball of fun fluff who tried desperately to keep up with me around the woods. His Mummy took this picture of him when he got home - I think I wore him out! Unlike Daisy May, he didn't try to duff me up either - perhaps when Grandma comes for Christmas we'll introduce Mac to Daisy and see what he thinks of her.

11/12/06 -
Fed Up CockerWorking Cockers are supposed to be intelligent, noble, dignified and handsome - they are not, and I repeat NOT supposed to be dressed up as reindeer so Mummy can create a Christmas card. I am decidedly unimpressed, and will make her pay for the rest of the year for putting me through this embarrassing activity.

Santa's Little HelperMy only consolation was that I made it as difficult as possible for her to get a decent picture, and at least managed to refuse the flashing Santa hat - which I ate before she had the chance to get it back on my head. Merry Xmas my ar*e!!

10/12/06 -
Finally Mummy has sorted out her reader thingy and we have pictures - so we are going to go back a bit to catch up. First we went over to visit Aunty Dee and her 3 mad hounds pictured below. I always enjoy myself over there as we get to run and play lots and it is nice to have some pals to chill out with.



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Then we got all prepared for a days Beating on Saturday only for Mummy to discover that it was a rest day - what a muppet! So instead we went to Toadsmoor and discovered that they were having an informal shoot over there. Pheasant HunterLuckily they had just finished, as Mummy was worried I'd join in and start flushing in the wrong direction. But we did have a stroke of luck - obviously their dogs are not as good as they are at Waterley Bottom, because I found a pheasant they had missed picking up - bonus - and I didn't even have to chase it!

06/12/06 -
Working Cocker in actionAt last the rain has stopped and I got a decent walk in the woods - we never made it beating last Saturday because Mummy tested my paw around Toadsmoor on Friday to see if it was healed enough for the shoot and I managed to open the wound again - so another week of short walks and limping. Today though it has been OK - so I'm keeping all my claws crossed that I'm match fit for Saturday. Seeing as Mummys new reader hasn't arrived yet, and we are showing a distinct lack of pictures to keep you amused, this is one Mummy took a few weeks ago of me in action.

05/12/06 -
Mummy is having a complete hissy fit because the software that came with her new camera refuses to work properly - great camera - crap software. So she has all these great pictures on her camera's memory card and cannot get them onto the PC. I think she has resolved it by ordering a reader thingy, but she is not in the best of moods - I'm keeping a very low profile! It does mean though that there will be no funky new pictures for a few days - sorry chaps.

01/12/06 -
Dear Father Christmas,

I thought it best to get in early before the rush so here is my present wish list. It would be nice to have a new collar - now I am an internet star I've been thinking that I should go for something a bit more bling, diamante studs maybe. Of course that would then require a new matching lead too as you can't go out in public without colour co-ordination can you. A nice new fluffy bed would also go down a treat - I only have 2, plus the sofa, plus mummys bed at the moment, and a working cocker needs his rest you know. A great big marrow bone purely to keep my teeth in good working order - not because I'm a greedy devil - although some Smackerals would also be nice. Finally, please can I have my own pussy cat so I have something to chase in the house when Mummy goes out - Tigs, Aunty Clare's cat, is great fun to play with and terrorize.
Love Rags. xx