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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags, Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own Dog Blog.

30/08/06 -
Am very busy today working hard directing the builder who is doing our patio. Mummy has told me to bark loudly if I catch him slacking! It is a job with loads of responsibility, but I guess I have to live up to my breed - Working Cocker Spaniel - rather than "Laying on Back with Legs in Air" Spaniel, which is what I do most of the time!

29/08/06 -
Finally Daddy knows his place...on Saturday after my walk Mummy picked him up from the pub...he had a distinct wobble on. Anyway, I was in the front seat with my harness on, looking very handsome if I say so myself. (Mummy always makes me have my harness on for safety, she attaches me to the seat so I can't shoot through the front window if she brakes suddenly). Anyway, Daddy decided that it would be easier if he sat in the boot, rather than move me - so I sat like the King of Dogs in the front seat all the way home while Daddy was cramped into the boot - It's only taken me three and a half years to teach him who's boss!!

Mind you I'm not looking quite so handsome today - the ear drops have made my ears all greasy, so I'm having a definite bad hair week - coupled with the paint I managed to get on there from helping Mummy decorate the bathroom at the weekend which really doesn't compliment the black or the white. Hey ho - Mummy still loves me.

26/08/06 -
I got a great comment in my guestbook this morning, from Milo, a little chocolate working cocker. Mummy says she knows just how infuriating it can get when everyone thinks you're a Springer - I get it all the time 'cos I'm black and white! Anyway Milo - send us a picture sometime.

I had to go to the vet yesterday because my ears were playing up - I was very brave and only head butted mummy once trying to get off that table. Anyway, I don't have anything lodged in there, but do have a bit of an ear infection, so ear drops for me. I'm sure that our planned trip to the Arboritum with Chelsea and the gang this afternoon will take my mind of it.

25/08/06 -
You know, I've been thinking a bit more about doggy heaven. See, for me it would be a big field with loads of pheasants for me to chase. But then I started thinking about the pheasants, and what would be pheasant heaven - no Working Cocker Spaniels haring about after them I guess. So there must be different heavens - one for dogs and one for pheasants. Perhaps the naughty pheasants have to come to doggy heaven and be chased for eternity, whilst the good pheasants get to go to the other one.
I wonder what a pheasant would have to do to be classed as naughty? All this thinking is making my brain ache...think I'll just has a zzzz.

24/08/06 -
A very tired Working Cocker SpanielIf there is a doggy heaven then I visited it yesterday. A quick morning walk and breakfast (turkey and jelly - yum), followed by a little morning nap. Then the Arboritum with Winnie-Woo-Tang and Sadie in the pouring rain - all the smells are really good when they get wet and you don't get too hot running about like a looney - another quick snooze at the Red Lion while Mummy and Aunty Jools had a warming beer and sarnie - then a walk with Molly and Boo up the canal curtesy of Uncle Mat the landlord, and finally, dinner at Aunty Joyce's with Chloe and Sophie involving roast duck! Totally knackered out and eaten too much!



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21/08/06 -
I don't know about you guys, but we had a fairly stressful weekend. Mummy woke up at 2a.m. sweating and in a total panic 'cos she had a nightmare that I had been hit by a car. She had to get up and have a ciggie, and then Daddy got up to see what she was up to - so I got up in case I missed anything! The whole family is sat up in the middle of the night! Daddy pointed out that I may report them to Puppyline 'cos everyone knows that us puppys need their sleep - that's when we grow! Anyway, she soon calmed down and we all trooped back to bed.

She obviously felt better by Sunday though, as she went out shopping with Auntie Di and left me at home! Cheek!!

18/08/06 -
Thanks for all your enquiries about the little collie puppies - all eleven have now been sold and will be leaving for their new homes shortly.

We had a really good day today 'cos there was this huge great storm with thunder and lightning. As Working Cockers, we are used to big bangs, so we're not frightened of storms or fireworks. The bonus is that Mummy has to turn her computer off in case it blows up, so I got some quality cuddles in.

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16/08/06 -
I WON AN AWARD!!! Mummy entered the Dog Blog for a website award with the Fur All Over people - and guess what - WE WON!!!

Thanks to the Rapid Racking fans and Anne in Canada for their great messages in the guestbook. Mummy says we have to get lots of regular visitors so that she can sell advert space and make some food is expensive after all.

Daddy suggested she put him on the Stud page - I can't repeat what she said to that! Mind you, I thought it was a terrible idea - what Working Cocker lady would ever fancy him!!

15/08/06 -
Is it me or are there loads of flies about this year? We went up the meadows yesterday and there were hundreds of them flying about. Mummy was waving her arms about and trying to swat them with her coat - she looked like a demented scarecrow!

Mind you it was probably my fault, as they were attracted to the lovely wet badger poop which I had found to roll in - great smell - but cold hose when we got home.

14/08/06 -
Wow, I got an email from my son Ben this morning - he's a real cracker. Actually he looks just like me when I was small. His mummy says he's a little Tinker and likes rolling around the garden with his new Daddy or laying on his back snoring - that's my boy!

I had a very busy weekend helping Dad build a new patio - every time I went up the fields for a walk I had to find a really big stone to help build the wall. It looks great but I haven't been able to test it out yet as Mummy says the concrete has to set properly before my chubby butt sits on it.

10/08/06 -
I think I'm in a spot of trouble - I mean it is jolly useful to listen in on mummy's phone discussions, because I can find out when we are going walkies and having dinner and everything! Trouble is we live rather close to Gatcombe...I didn't mean to overhear Princess Anne - honest guv'...please don't throw me in clink!

08/08/06 -
Mummy had to visit the tooth vet today - she was really scared! Chicken!! Last time, when she thought she needed a filling, she started crying as soon as he looked in her mouth...he'll probably have a complex now! Anyway, she escaped without any major work or pain, which was great as she was so happy afterwards I got an extra long walk. Of course, us Working Cockers, have excellent teeth.

05/08/06 -
After having a great time rolling in something unmentionable, I had to have a dreaded bath today. I hate baths - the shampoo smells of pineapple and then the hairdryer fluffs up my ears so I look like a right Jessie. I think I shall report mummy to Puppy Line! After all, I am a Working Cocker - not a Show Cocker...I thought mummy had figured that out already!

03/08/06 -
My mummy is an absolute muppet. She had to tax the car on Monday and on digging out all the paperwork found that the car MOT ran out in February! Total panic ensued - as she is normally very law abiding, and as our next door neighbour is a policeman, she has spent all week panicking that he will come round and arrest her. Anyway it was booked in today for its MOT, and after spending £45 getting it done, the nice lady from the garage pointed out that the MOT certificate has changed, and that she had in fact MOT'd it in February and it didn't run out until next year! What a doughnut!!

01/08/06 -
Well I am absolutely tuckered out today. We went to Westonbirt Arboritum with Chelsea, Sam, Sadie and Aunty Lorraine this morning. We were 4 working cockers running amok for about 3 hours getting nice and filthy and full of burrs.

After the walk we went to a very posh hotel for lunch - the Hare and Hounds - where they let dogs in! Bonus - 'cos we got to eat some of the chips. Everyone commented on how well behaved we all were - I didn't like to point out that none of us had any energy left to misbehave!

Then Aunty Lorraine - now fed and watered - decides it would be great to go around the Arboritum again! Well it would have been rude not to really, but I must admit that I am now ready for a little zzzz.