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Until Tuesday - Luis Carlos Montalvan

Until Tuesday - Luis Carlos MontalvanA very similar book to the Pen Farthings book we reviewed before. A true life story about an American War Vet who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTS) plus other disabilities, and the Service Dog who helps him overcome adversity.

I wasn't sure if the aim of this book was to raise awareness of PTS, a political comment on the decisions of America and their armed forces, or a way to raise the profile of Service Dogs.

It was really interesting reading about the Service Dogs and how they are trained, what they can do to support us humans and just generally seeing the life of a 'working dog' in action. Harder to read was the tale of Luis himself and the repercussions to him of serving his country for 17 years. It does seem that retired Vets are treated very badly by the Governing Bodies and Armed Forces generally. I kind of hope that we treat our chaps a bit better, but suspect we are just as bad in this country.

Whilst the subject matter was informative and interesting, the book itself is obviously written by someone who does not write for a living. The text was a little long winded and clunky in places, so it took some effort to stick with it to the end. This book is worth a read, but is probably not one which you would want to read a second time.


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