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Going Rawr


Going Rawr! A Dog Lover's CompendiumVery clever title and funky book sleeve which we like a lot. This would not look amiss on the bookcase and would help project the image of very intelligent dog owners who have researched their dogs diet in depth.

Actually on a serious note, I had not heard of raw food diet and found this book very thorough and informative, albeit a little biased against other options. It covered everything from explaining to me what was actually meant by a raw food diet, right through exactly what foods and quantities a dog needs, how to overcome picky eaters and how to transfer your dog to this new regime.

Also fascinating was the detail of what vitamins, minerals, proteins etc a dog needs and exactly what benefit they bring to your dog, plus signs to show they are getting too much or too little in their diet.

The book provides a comprehensive positive arguement for this diet whilst also giving all the knowledge and tools required to carry it out. Having said that, with running 3 businesses, 4 dog walks a day plus a house to run, I could not even contemplate trying it myself - just not enough hours in the day. Perhaps when I retire I shall give it a whirl, but until then I shall have to leave it to you other trail blazers!

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