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Dieting with my Dog - Peggy Frezon

DietingWithMyDog - Peggy FrezonI really looked forward to reading this book as I had a feeling that it would be hilarious. I was a little disappointed on that score however, and whilst it kept my interest (just) to the end, it did leave me wanting more.

Part of the problem was a distinct lack of information or content about the dog's diet - I mean walking your dog is pretty mandatory, so going out for a walk is hardly rocket science. The whole diet thing seemed to be on the writers side, and I was left feeling that a woman with various hang-ups managing to diet is not really what I signed up for. One of the major problems was I didn't get really drawn in to actually caring about either the owner or the dog, so ultimately it just came across as sentimental.

I also felt that the standard of writing was OK but not as professional as say 'Marley and Me' - I think that it reminded me of my attempt to write a book about Rags - nice thought, but I am not really a professional writer.

In conclusion I think that if you are a slightly plump middle-aged lady who loves dogs, then this book may inspire you to lose some weight. However, it could have been a very funny story of battling weight, failed attempts, sneaked cheats, dog-in-denial kind of fun - a missed opportunity I feel.

Published by Veloce Publishing Ltd, www.veloce.co.uk, Book ISBN 978-1-845844-06-6 at £9.99



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