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25th March 2013 - We watched a programme the other night about obsessive cleaners and this woman was hoovering her dog. So guess what Mum did- yep, you're right - out came Henry and I was had-at with the sucky brush. How undignified is that! I am calling PuppyLine immediately. (Actually I quite liked it...don't tell anyone.)

Mum still hasn't finished painting the bannisters, which she has renamed 'The Forth Bridge of Bussage', and our esteemed guests arrive on Saturday. Guess what we are going to be doing every night for the forseeable. Also I have hurt my shoulder and am on anti-inflamatories - hope I am better in time to cope with that mad Westie.

10th March 2013 - With the advent of Spring comes renewed enthusiasm and this year all our efforts have been chanelled into making our new pad into our home. Mum has been decorating, which is very disruptive and stinky. I am an old hand at it though so I know when the house smells of gloss paint my job is to stay to the middle of the room. I managed to get through the whole ordeal without getting a single bit of paint on me.

We still have the curtains to take up and the bannisters to paint, but it is looking lovely. We want to get it all finished in time for the royal visit - Uncle Simon and Aunty Tess are coming to stay at Easter, with that mad Daisy May - can't wait.


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