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20th April 2013 - I am going to buy some jossticks and a bandana...the Dog Doc has put me on Tramadol, which is a real trip man. It helps with the pain but I am hallucinating that there are rabbits on the ceiling, and I am sure dogs are not supposed to be able to go cross-eyed!

My shoulder is no better so we went back to the Dog Doc again this week and am now on antibiotics, a pill to protect my tummy from all the pills, Tramadol for pain relief and more anti inflammatories. Can't even walk across the road to the green at the moment, so Mum has to carry me. If I wasn't so spaced out I am sure I'd be miserable, but just sleeping mostly and getting lots of cuddles from Mum. If my shoulder doesn't start improving by Monday I have to go for a Cat Scan. I am not sure the vet has this right, as I am definitely not a cat, but Mum assures me that they scan dogs too.

14th April 2013 - Mum decided to update my blog and realised that she didn't actually press the send button last week, so you get a twoforone today.

I had to have an XRay and a nasty injection into my shoulder last week, I have torn my tendon badly and have been ordered to have 6 weeks total rest. Of course being a somewhat stupid mutt I pushed my luck yesterday by circumnavigating the barrier at the top of the stairs and going down without being carried - shoulder now really bad again and I am in the dog house.

Feeling very sorry for myself. Mum has ordered a baby-gate to stop me doing it again and we collect it tomorrow, so in the meantime she is not letting me out of her sight.

We did go down to visit Grandma yesterday, and stayed with Simon and Tess overnight - more mad Westie time. The humans then all went out last night to a party and left me to Daisy's clutches, but I think she realised I was injured and left me in peace. Mum wore her new dress to the party - she is going through her Margot Leadbetter phase - I was glad I didn't have to go and be seen in public with her looking like that and felt very sorry for Uncle Simon...he walked 3 steps ahead to the car and then threw her into the back seat really quickly before anyone saw them!!

7th April 2013 - Well we survived the Westie weekend, having a lovely Easter with our guests. Auntie Tess was amazed that so many shops in Nailsworth welcomed dogs inside - apparently the shops are not so dog friendly in Chichester where they live. Not only are we allowed to go in, but most of the nice people behind the counter produce doggie treats...I love shopping in Nailsworth!

We finished the bannisters and Uncle Simon was most impressed with our new pad, so all the hard work paid off. Mind you, Mum did cut it a bit fine, we only cleared the paint brushes away the morning they arrived, and Mum was still hoovering when they rang the bell! She really is rubbish at being on top of things.

My shoulder is still bad, so Mum is going to take me back to the dog doc next week.


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