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28th November 2012 - OMG! It's a good job I am a water dog - there is water all over the roads down here - it's crackers! We had to go to Minety for a big job yesterday and Mum had a car full - 4 people, loads of cleaning kit and of course, me. We drove down this really winding road and suddenly the two ditches either side of the road became one big river. Mum decided that reversing 2 miles down a single lane was probably more dodgy than going forward, so we floated across to the other side - it was very exciting. I was worried we'd get stuck and I'd have to make a swim for it!

Lovely to hear from my ol' mucker Ollie - keep a close eye out lad - when you drop your guard they nick your balls!

15th November 2012 - Finally we are back! Loads to report!

We are now all settled in our new kennel, but the move was quite traumatic as gradually things started disappearing from the house and I was a little worried that Mum might forget to take me. Us dogs do like our routine and we are not very keen on change, but I think I handled it quite well really.

First Mum and I moved into the dining room, which was fine as everything else remained the same. We did have a lot of strange people coming to the house, but I just made the most of all the extra tickles and didn't worry about it too much. Then someone made an offer and Mum started packing things up and sorting through everything, so we had lots of trips to the dump and things started moving into friends back bedrooms and garages. This was a little more worrying and I decided that the safest thing to do was to take up residence in the car.

On our last night in the house all that remained was the sofa to sleep on and I had to swing into doggie sympathy mode because Mum was a bit tearful. I laid on top of her chest and we spent the night nose to nose...spaniels are excellent at comforting! It was fine until she finally fell asleep and started snoring in my face! The following morning was a bit frantic with the moving of final bits and then Mum cleaned our old house. With the keys posted through the door we moved the car off the drive and parked at the end of the lane. Our final walk up the fields was a little bitter sweet..it was lovely to run up the banks and sniff all those familiar smells, but it was sad to be saying goodbye. I considered the fields an extension of my garden really, so they were my fields, full of my smell - I knew I would miss them.

We then had to spend a few days with Mum's friend Di because we were temporarily homeless. This was not so bad, as Di has a lovely big house and garden, but she is more of a cat person so I had to be on my best behaviour. At the end of the week we finally got the keys to our new kennel and started moving everything again. On top of all that Mum was busy painting and decorating so that our new bedroom and bathroom would be all lovely. I kept my head down and avoided anything that smelled even slightly painty - I didn't think Natural Hessian would compliment my colouring much!

Despite all the upheaval I spent our first night in our new pad in a state of total calm, paws pointing to the sky and snoring my head off. Mum was worried that I would fret about all the change, but as long as I am with her I am a happy puppy.

So here we are 2 months in and we have established a new routine, with lots of new walks. I have made loads of new friends at the park around the corner who I see every morning, and we get to go to Toadsmoor regularly as Mum drives past that way on the route to the office every day. We didn't realise how stressed we were until we got into the flat, and now we are both very relaxed, eating well and gradually recovering from all the changes. Mum is loving single life and I am loving having Mum all to myself, so we are happy campers.

Well, when I say happy campers, there has been one development which I am definitely not so happy with - the Dog Doc took my balls away, and I am not talking about the ones I chase around the park either! Mum noticed a bulge on one side of my bum and I was struggling to do 'my business'. Off to the vets to discover I had a perenial hernia, which needed an operation. I am a very brave dog in general, but when feeling under the weather I like Mum to be there, so when I came round from the op and found myself in 'recovery' with no sign of Mum I proceeded to howl the place down, and didn't stop until they finally gave in and called Mum to come and get me. Boy was I sore - no balls and a big line of stitches down my bum. Apparently I had an enlarged prostate which was getting in the way and causing me to strain, which caused the hernia. As the prostate is effected by my hormones, the bits that generate the most hormones have to go - thus the balls - but the operation went well and I am already back to fighting fit after just 10 days. Not bad considering I am nearly 10 years old! The vet did say that this condition is fairly common in older, intact dogs - so if that is you, watch yourself!

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