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26th March 2012 - I am a very sad puppy - my bestest, most adorable girlfriend Winnie-Woo-Tang has gone to doggie heaven. I know she was a bit long in the tooth, and a bit wobbly on her back end, but I loved her with all the passion a small spaniel can muster. Luckily we had a walk together last Monday, so I have a nice memory to cling on to. Rest in peace my lovely lurcher.

11th March 2012 - A road trip down south for the weekend meant lots of different walks, people to see and places to go. We went down in Dad's van, as the diesel is cheaper than in Mum's petrol Honda - interesting journey (not!) as there are no windows in the back and it's a bit clunky. I gave up trying to squeeze through the middle into the front seat (eventually) and took the opportunity to take a quick nap.

Caught up with Grandma, Uncle Simon and Aunty Tess, and of course the mad Daisy May, Tracey and finally a very pregnant Aunty Katy and Uncle John. I had to put up this great picture of Daisy May helping Tessa with the gardening - hilarious! It has now given me lots of ideas for the next time we attempt to do a bit in our garden, all of which I am sure Mum won't much like!

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