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27th February 2012 - Mum has a new nickname for me - Sir Raggsie Limpalott - as (you guessed it) I am limping again. Despite repeated attempts at rummaging around between my toes Mum can't find anything in there that shouldn't be, so the cause of the limp is still unknown, but Mum thinks I have bruised it or twisted it. Holding off a trip to the vets for now, but after three days I am still limping it up and taking as much sympathy as possible.

21st February 2012 - Hi Ollie, yes we have been very quiet...Mum has been trying to recruit some new staff and despite the fact that there are 2.5 million people out of work, it appears that none of them want to come and work with us! This means that Mum is flying about like a screaming banshee trying to get everything done, so not much time left over for the fun stuff like blogging. or for that matter walking...my walks have been seriously curtailed recently, with quick 10 minute runs when we can fit them in. Think we are all getting fed up, so fingers crossed that Mum finds some staff soon.

To make up for it Mum has added a couple of new book reviews today for you to check out.

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