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21st December 2012 - Mum is absolutely incensed - two years ago she invested in a pair of Dubarry Galway boots because she was told they last for at least 10 years and were worth the £300 they charge. After just two winters both boots have done a Charlie Chaplain - both welds have failed. Now this is a fault in the manufacture, nothing to do with how they are worn or cared for - but the bods at Dubarry refuse to do anything other than give a small discount on another pair of boots. As Mum pointed out - why on earth would she spend a further £200 on a pair of boots which are only guaranteed to last 12 months, and are of such poor quality. The quality and service at Dubarry are appalling - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON DUBARRY BOOTS. She has spoken to several other people who have all had similar experiences - in fact she has not been able to find a single person who would buy Dubarry a second time.

Hoping you all have a lovely Christmas - mine will be a bit dodgie if Mum doesn't cheer up! Hopefully someone will buy her some new boots which actually last.

19th December 2012 - We had a lovely visit from two ladies from Battersea Dogs Home the other night. Such a good cause, we have signed up to send them £8.50 a month to help all those poor doggies without a home. Mum really enjoyed the programme that aired recently with Paul O'Grady, who is another sucker for a soppy dog-story.

16th December 2012 - What can I say - Mum's attempts at not being a bahh humbug are pretty poor really, the Christmas decorations leave a lot to be desired that's for sure. We have this sort of dead twig with a few balls and candles stuck on - but on the plus side at least there are no pine needles to get stuck in my paws!

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