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20th September 2011 - It's been all change here this month, and I am very confused. Mum has moved into something called an office, which has a really narrow spiral staircase leading up to it. I have just about sussed how to get up and down the darn thing, but it is a bit scary! Plus she has bought me this posh new dog bed which lives under her desk - well naturally I refused to lie in it for at least two weeks - it doesn't do to appear too keen!

So our mornings are a bit of a rush now as we have to beat all the staff to the office - no mean feat as Mum is amazingly rubbish in the mornings. On the plus side I have found some great new walks along the canal which is just out the back, and downstairs is an MOT centre, so there are always lots of people coming in who make a huge fuss of me - brilliant!

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