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We hope you enjoy reading all about the daft things I get up to in our current blog, or check out the archives...

13th October 2011 - Dad has found a new game - he goes onto YouTube and searches for 'pheasants' - then he plays the clips and watches me go mental running around the place trying to figure out where they are. I think I need to call Puppy Line - I am sure that counts as mental cruelty!!

10th October 2011 - I got by backside right out today and told Mum to sort out my dogblog. So we have scrapped all the fancy stuff that wasn't working and have put everything back in order - a month to view and then archives going back properly. We have left the navigation at the top and the monthly pictures down the left - 'cos I liked that - but no more smancy-fancy calendar to try to get where you want to go. Hope you are as pleased as me.

Also, I have a new friend called Alfie in Lincolnshire - who sounds like a lovely chap and has just moved in to his new home. Hope you have settled in all OK. Do send us a picture of you for the blog.

3rd Oct 2011 - Have been holding the fort at the office today - although it is a bit tricky answering the telephone without thumbs. I am still refusing to use my expensive new bed too - but have managed to use it just enough to make it non-returnable - tee hee. Mum is not amused!

Lovely weekend as my gorgeous girlfriend Winnie (the wolf-hound-lurcher cross) was looking after her sister for a few weeks - Molly is the spitting image of Winnie, just a paler colour. I was so excited at having two girls to lurve I just didn't know what to do with myself. We all went to the Westonbirt Arboritum for the afternoon and had a fantastic time charging about while Mum and Aunty Jools took lots of pictures of trees.

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