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17th November 2011 - I think Mum has finally lost the plot. This morning Dad had to leave early for work so me and Mum got a half hour cuddle in bed. Mum noticed that one of the few times my tail doesn't wag is when I am on my back getting tummy tickles - bit difficult when you are led on it for it to wag really!

Anyway, this observation led to a train of thought along the lines of windmills generating power - rising electric bills - and then the idea that we should invent something which harnessed my tail wagging and converted it to electricity. Mum reckons she could power the whole house on this new form of sustainable eco-friendly power! So any bored inventors out there - please apply brainpower to this idea. Also, please send the men in white coats to take Mum away!!

9th November 2011 - We actually took a holiday for the first time this year - yippee. It was great as I got to see Grandma, catch up with my mate Daisy May and go to a great new place - the New Forest. It was a really big wood, with lots of large dogs called horses wandering about.

Mum reckons there is still quite a lot of New Forest to explore, so we may have to go back again for another holiday, but will have to wait until the New Year now.

Uncle Simon had this fancy new ball thrower which we tried out, but he soon got fed up of throwing the ball and me ignoring it because the ball was the wrong colour. As soon as Mum threw my yellow ball I would immediately retrieve it. In a huff he threw my yellow ball miles into the field behind - at which point Mum cuffed him round the ear - but it was OK because I hurdled the fence and after about 15 minutes found my precious yellow ball! Simon was quietly impressed me thinks - but then he is used to a Westie with no brain!!!

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